RC - 2nd Trimester March 29/04

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RC - 2nd Trimester March 29/04
Mon, 03-29-2004 - 1:36pm

Hi everyone.

Welcome to the second trimester.

Krista - Mommy to Gabriel (June 10, 2004)

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 1:56pm
what are your symptoms, how are you feeling?

I've started having cravings. None of them are too strange yet -- bannana splits, french fries, and pickles (not all toghether!). Other than the occasional cramps, and the fact that I'm not sleeping well AT ALL (I wake up every half hour for several hours, and then it's every twohours after that -- I don't know why -- it's not like I have to pee or anything) I'm fine.

Are you having any complications now or briefly describe how the PG is progressing?

No complications now, but we haven't had the second ultrasound yet -- we had one at about 6 weeks.

When is your next appoinment?

April 1st

Are you finding out the sex? or have you found out?

I can't wait to find out, but I don't care either way what it is -- I just want to know :)

Have you felt movement yet?

No movement yet, but I'm only 14 1/2 weeks.


EDD 9/23/04

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 2:13pm
- what are your symptoms, how are you feeling? Feeling fine. Haven't been sick at all, fatigue seems to be going away. I get worn out quickly, but not as "sleepy" Been fighting with my sinuses lately though. Horrible headaches.

- Are you having any complications now or briefly describe how the PG is progressing? I don't really have any complications, unless you count gas. hahaha I'm getting my belly, but that is about it. I'm 17 weeks now.

- When is your next appoinment? Next regular appt is 4/14, Level 2 u/s is 4/22

- Are you finding out the sex? or have you found out? No, I don't want to know. DH wants to know, but I told him has soon as he carries the baby for 9 months, gives birth to it, and breastfeeds, he can find out whatever he wants. hahahahaha

- Have you felt movement yet? No, movement yet. :o( I sit/lay on the couch every night and wait for it. I get excited just THINKING about it though... I can't wait!!!


edd 9/7-

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 3:57pm
Yippee -- so excited to be in the second trimester -- this is a first for me!

I feel great. Have a bit of food aversion, still, especially to all types of meat (and I usually am a meatetarian!), but I am doing well. Havent gained weight yet, but everything I do have seems to be shifting to my tummy -- I expect I will need new pants very soon! Some smells still seem overwhelming, especially strong smelling coffee and the trash when I dont get it out of the house quickly enough! ;)

No complications (Praise the Lord!). Progressing "normally", whatever that means!

My next appt is 5 April -- possibly another u/s. I love ultrasounds!

I want the sex of the baby to be a surprise. My DH thinks he would like to find out, though, so we are still deciding on this. Whatever we decide, we both are just praying for a healthy child!

I havent felt any movement yet (that I realized, anyway!), but boy oh boy am I looking forward to feeling the baby moving around in there! I can only imagine that movement will make this whole experience even more incredible and real -- and that will be wonderful!

Best wishes to everyone and thanks for sharing!

Chas edd 9-22-04

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 6:25pm
Well, Krista, I am still truckin' here in the second trimester at 21 wks. and 4 days.

I feel wonderful. I have absolutely no symptoms what-so-ever and I feel the baby move around so much, it is as if she never sleeps.

I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions. I have about four or five a day. I was really worried the other night because I tried to hear the heartbeat with my sister's stethoscope and tried so long my stomach was hard all night. It does help to have a professional around. My sister came over and checked me out and manipulated my fundus (that sounds really dirty, huh?) and said the baby felt great and she could even feel the feet, not fair! She is breech, of course.

My next appt. is April 7th. It is a routine appt. I might get my appt. date for my glucose tolerance test because my next routine appt would fall around the same time I would need the test anyway.

We got a tentative girl prediction last u/s so I am already thinking of baby names. I never named any of my little angels because I didn't know the sex with any of them, but I really feel that my first loss was a girl. I still have the name I picked out for her and I just don't feel like I can use it for this baby. I feel like it belongs to my first baby. It was Krystan Taylor. So, I have Chloe Nicole which everyone except my mom seems to love and Savannah Deryn which everyone except my husband seems to love. Deryn is a very rare name for a girl, but it is pronounced d-erin. I also have Timothy Seth picked out on the off chance it is a boy.

I am so excited. I think about the baby everyday. I even went and looked up viability dates so that I could get even more excited! :)

23 wks.- 17%

24 wks.- 39%

25 wks.- 50%

26 wks.- 75%

28 wks.- 85%

Well, this went way too long, so I will close. I am on the boards everyday and I don't plan on going anywhere.

Heather 8/5/04


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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 7:27pm

Yep, I'm basically at the halfway point... by the earlier counts I'm about 19w2d, but later guesses run closer to 20w5d, so I'm somewhere around halfway done. I'm sticking with the original, later EDD just to keep some consistency (I have a couple of weekly pregnancy calendars and so on, and my poor pg-demented brain can't keep information in for more than a week!)... but I'm not making any plans after late July.

Symptoms, not many except for continued fatigue. I'm done with m/s, yay! Showing pretty obviously, though the patients at the hospital where I work still haven't figured it out, which is FINE by me (I work in a psychiatric hospital with forensic patients, they don't all cope well with pg). I have felt movement for about the past two weeks, which is also fine by me!! I haven't gained any weight yet, but it was the same with my DD so I think this is normal for me.

Complications have also faded, which is wonderful. I had three episodes of bleeding in the first trimester, one of which was heavy enough to land me on bedrest for 2 weeks (they considered a transfusion but they try to avoid that when possible if you're pg). But the last bleed was at 11w, the spotting stopped around 14w, and it's been just fine since then... I was even lifted off "pelvic rest" and activity restrictions this past Friday, though right now I'm in the middle of a crucial and very stressful week at school/work so I think we'll wait until the weekend before we risk it!

Next appt is April 27, just a routine check-up then. I don't think I'll need any more u/s's... I had 7 in the first trimester, so I'm okay with not making that trip (45 minutes to the dr) as much anymore. Had my "big" (and routine!) ultrasound on Friday, everything looks healthy! We'll find out the gender when it's born, I'm looking forward to that little surprise in the delivery room.

Think that's all... it's been an eventful couple of months but I seem to have moved out of the danger zone, so I'm trying to relax and enjoy the pregnancy more. I think that will be easier in a few weeks, I finish at work on April 8 and that will lift a huge load of stress off my head!


EDD 8/22/04 or sooner...

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 9:25pm

25 weeks today! Which means 15 weeks left, although I think more about 12 which is ONLY 3 mns - yayks!!!!

Except for being sick over a week now (and pretty miserable because of it, BUT I FINALLY got last Sat off - WOO HOO) I feel as good as can be expected. Somewhat uncomfortable and huge, but then I always check that I can still see my toes (need to bend LoL) - so it's NOTHING yet LoL. It was absolutely gorgeous spring day today and I realized I don't have spring coat. :( No way I can fit into my leather jacket and I am not buying such I big thing for a couple of weeks since that would be my last pg. Not happy about that at all - I guess I will have to wear my trusted vest outside now (and will go through DH closet might find something there). Have terrible heartburn lately (somehow cold always makes it much worse) and have trouble sleeping. Feel lots of movement regularly now and they don't hurt yet - so that is good.

My next appt is next week and we will schedule GD test and 30 weeks U/S (to check for early labor signs and maybe hopefully find out the sex)

Hope everyone is having great week!

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 10:19pm
Hi ladies!

I don't have many symptoms- I have been nausea free for a few months now- since about 12 weeks. I still have pretty painful ligament pain- sometimes when I get up too fast, it feels like I am stabbing myself with ice picks into my hips- youch! I have had bouts of heartburn- not bad, but there. The worst now is the night leg cramps, as if getting up to go to the bathroom 3 times a night wasn't enough to disrupt my sleep! Oh, and for a TMI moment- I am having the worst GAS problem- DH cannot believe how much I let out at night. He teases me relentlessly, saying how the sheets were floating up in the air when he came to bed, and that he's afraid I'll asphyxiate myself with all the gas in the room!!! At least he's being a good sport and still gets into bed with me!!! LOL

No complications so far- my BP has remained the same. I am getting bigger around the middle by the day. So, I seem to be progressing.

My next appt is this Wednesday- March 31. Standard appt- probably not more than 15 minutes- question and answer session, then listen for the HB.

We know we're having a little boy- his name is Cameron Karl. Level 2 u/s told us that earlier this month.

Yes, some movement every day, but some days way more than others. I am feeling him kick me from the outside now- tonight was a great night for that. I think actually a light bulb went off tonight. I have been bothered by inconsistent movement (completely normal), but I think I may have it figured out. I really think it depends on his position. Like he's only in a position to where I can feel him every now and then. He is a little scutterbug too- he changes sides of my belly constantly. I can tell because one side of my belly is hard, the other not. And then it'll change. So cool!!!!

Love to all the ladies and SBV's to all, in particular the newbies- hang in there!!!

Love, Kendra

Cameron Karl due Mid July 2004

24w 5d

~i~ 5/31/01

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 10:31pm
Yippee! I'm checking in here now!! 1 trimester down, 2 to go!

Lynn here, due Sept. 19th or so

15 weeks! So far so good!

Symptoms: still have nausea every now and then (had dry heaves on Sunday--yuck); my sciatica is acting up, hungry, and the "restless leg" thing (feel like I need to stretch my legs a lot).

My next appt is April 30th and will also have an u/s then! If baby cooperates, we'll find out the gender! THINK PINK!

I don't think I've felt any movement yet. Now and then, I wonder, but I don't think I have. I'm hoping by Easter or there abouts. I first felt my DS at 18 1/2 weeks (which happened to be New Year's Eve day)!

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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 11:11pm

- what are your symptoms, how are you feeling?

Let's see...hmmm... I am 20w1d today and have a moderately bulging abdomen (LOL), sore bb's, famished, exhausted (where's that 2nd trimester energy????) and a little foot kicking me in the bladder.

- Are you having any complications now or briefly describe how the PG is progressing?

None as of now (knock on wood) except for my physical limitations of my back (ruptured discs, missing transverse process)

- When is your next appoinment?


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Tue, 03-30-2004 - 8:04am


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