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Message for Krista
Tue, 03-30-2004 - 12:48pm

i have been meaning to write you this week to check on your glucose testing. I didnt see your message about it until yesterday. I just wanted to say I am glad it went smoothly for you. I hope your leg cramps lessen too. Maybe your ob should check it out?!?!? I know I got lots of charlie horse cramps in my legs during my daughters pregnancy, but not constant.

I was busy this week with an u/s *nothing to report and the visiability was horrible*..the tech said the farther along you are the harder it is to see the baby. But all seemed okay. I think its a boy, based on the 140 heartrate but the tech told me thats a bunch of nonsense. We will see! I continue to plug along as you do. June seems SO FAR AWAY STILL...tomorrow is April at least. At least your baby showers will keep you busy!

Thinking of you..


(were we 28 weeks on friday or this friday?)

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