Hi Jayne!!!!

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Hi Jayne!!!!
Tue, 04-13-2004 - 8:30am
Hi Jayne,

I saw your reply to my other post. I'm so excited to hear from you and yes, I definitely remember you! How is your pg going? I remember when you got your BFP!

I am due Nov. 11, and so far I've been coming to this board more often than my EC. I just like it better because the women have been through the same thing and understand why I worry all the time. Although with each milestone (seeing hb on u/s, hearing it on doppler), the worrying is getting better.

Let's definitely keep in touch during this exciting time for both of us!!!


Finally pg with #1!

EDD 11/11/04

~i~ 10/7/03

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Tue, 04-13-2004 - 3:30pm
Hi LeeAnn!

Great to hear from you. I must tell you that the worry gets less and less. I felt so much better after seeing the heartbeat! It made so many fears go away. Now being at 18 weeks I just feel like I have still so much longer to go! Its crazy.

I leave tomorrow To Australia for a work trip and when I get back I get to find out if we are having a boy or girl. I can hardly wait!

Lets DO stay in touch.

Take great care of yourself and take lots of naps! :)