New with a ? and a need to talk

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New with a ? and a need to talk
Sun, 04-18-2004 - 1:11am
Hey Ya'll!

My name's Devon. This is my 3rd pregnancy, I've had two losses (Nov'02 & July'03). So of course I am terrified!!!!!!!!! I'm assuming that is fairly normal. Anyway, I had an ultrasound on the 8th. My EDD is December 2 (Dr. said Nov. 12 before the u/s; I think Thanksgiving Day) We saw a baby, a hearbeat (i know that said 122, I assume that was the rate?), and I was overjoyed. (My first loss was a blighted ovum, and my second was at 8 weeks, I never saw an utlra sound on the second one.) On the same day that I had my u/s, the dr. did blood work. She called this week and said that my HCG level was great and that my progestrone level was in the normal range, but low. She consulted with another dr. and then prescribed Prometrium (form of progestorone). What I was wondering, has anyone else been prescribed this and did it help? I've read stuff about it, but nothing is really clear. Anything along the topic of progestrone will be appreciated!

In fact anything will be appreciated. I'm scared out of my mind, and I'm also so very excited. Everyone has now been told (there are no secrets with our family) and they are happy, but no one seems to get that although I am very very happy, I am terrified of going through all of that again. Added to the stress of worrying is that I will finally (after 10 years of trying off and on) graduate college in May with an accounting degree, and my professors are piling on the work and I'm soooooo drained and the morning sickness is 24/7.

Sorry this is so long, but I just need to let it all out to someone who just might understand some of what I feel. No one around here does, and my hubby tries but he just doesn't get it.....if he did the laundry and dishes would be done.

Good Luck To Everyone Here! My Prayers are with you!


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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 1:41am

Hi! I have EDD of 11/28 and feel like absolute CRAPOLA, work deadlines blah STINKS right now doesn't it?! It got better around 12 weeks for me with my first pregnancy, so hang in there, we're at the worst point now.

Well, regarding Prometrium. I'm taking progesterone suppositories which is a different way to get the same thing.


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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 2:38pm


Huge hugs and welcome to our "worry board"!!!!!

I am so sorry for your losses and sending you TONS of SBV and hoping to see you here all the way to happy baby arrival in December!

I never had my prog checked but i saw many women on this board getting it prescribed and going on to have successful pg. Some Drs although seems to not believe in it. It will not hurt and hopefully will insure successful pg for you. I am sure someone on this board with personal experience will be able to answer your questions better.

We all come here worrying out of our mind and stay in that state after loss. Pg after loss is very scary and worrying experience and not many people can understand that. That's why this board is so great. It's been such a great source of comfort and encouragement for me and many many others and i hope you will find all the support and help here as well. Come here and post all your worries and questions and somebody will always be here for you at least to listen and offer hug. We are all here for you to lean on. Please keep us updated on your progress and take good care of yourself. Take it easy, rest, rest, rest and good luck!


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Mon, 04-19-2004 - 1:53pm


Welcome to the board and congratulations on your Pregnancy. Feel free to post any fears, joys, and updates on your PG, the ladies on this board know how scary it is to be Pregnant again after a loss and we will help support you through this PG.

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Tue, 04-20-2004 - 11:40am

Welcome to this board. From my short time here so far, the women here have been so supportive! I don't know about Prometrium, but am waiting to hear back about my progeserone levels, so we'll see.

Keep us posted on how you are doing! You are in my prayers.



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Tue, 04-20-2004 - 5:32pm

Hi Devon!

I have been there - after one m/c at 9.5 weeks, I wasn't leaving anything to chance.

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Thu, 04-29-2004 - 12:19pm
Hi! I also am new to the board. I lost a blighted ovum baby on June 1 2000, and became pregnant again in Sep. 2000. My Dr. put me on progestrone suppositories and I was terrified when he took me off. Not to worry. Lauren Elizabeth was born on June 8, 2001. I think your Dr. is suggesting the right course of action, and just continue with what he is suggesting. For morning sickness, the only thing that worked for me was LEMON. I ate lemon heads, sipped lemonade, smelled lemons, anything I could get my hands on. This has also worked for several of my friends. I hope it helps! I know some of what you're going through. I just found out today I am expecting again after a loss in December. This baby's due date is the exact same day as the baby I lost in June 2000. Surely God wouldn't take 2 babies from me both due on Jan 6th! I've got to believe this will be okay. Please pray for me, and I'll be keeping you in my prayers also.


P.S.-122 sounds like a boy heartbeat to me!

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Fri, 04-30-2004 - 8:58am
Congratulations, Devon. I know how scared you are. You want to be pregnant so badly and yet you just can't seem to make it work. I have had three losses and yes, you will probably be worried and anxious for the rest of your first trimester. That will lessen somewhat, but a general feeling of what if will more than likely remain throughout your pregnancy.

I am confident that progesterone is what kept me pregnant. My HCG levels did not look promising and my doctor was honest about it, my progesterone was worse, so he agreed that we would try the progesterone and see how things worked out. He told me not to get too excited and that things could change very quickly, but here I am still pregnant! :) I am convinced it was because of the Prometrium I was taking because after my first week on it my numbers more than tripled back into the normal range.

Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope your journey lasts a full nine months!

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