You are all so very sweet!

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You are all so very sweet!
Fri, 04-23-2004 - 12:11pm
To all who posted to my message (and anyone else out there!),

Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I have a difficult time some days getting through the day without tears. Tears because I'm so excited about the prospect of a new baby; tears because the pain of losing my son feels so new again; tears for the fear of losing this baby again; and of course tears just because my body is raging with hormones! LOL! Knowing I can come here to pour out my heart makes those tears go away somewhat.

My doctor's appointment is next Tuesday, and God willing, I'll be able to make it. I'm having to fight a little bit at work to get the time off (I haven't told them I'm pg), so pray that I don't have to reschedule! I'll keep you all posted. I really look forward to getting to know all of you and celebrating milestones together!

Hope you all are feeling well!!!


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