New and Nervous

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New and Nervous
Sat, 05-01-2004 - 9:27pm
Hi everyone, I just came over from the Clomid board. I had been ttc#3 for 16 months. I got pg in December and miscarried in January. I took 2 clomid cycles and the second worked. I just got my BFP last week. I am very happy and excited but so worried. I have had craming on and off. It is not everyday, nothing like my af cramps but it just scares me. I will have my progesterone and hcg monitored every other day by my doc but I just don't know if i can make it through another mc. i have had 2 healthy pg, but since my PCOS has gotten worse, I think it may have had something to do with the mc and with me not getting pg for so long. Anyway, it is good to be among women who understand. Any advice is welcome and appreciated!



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Sun, 05-02-2004 - 9:38pm
Welcome to the board, Jen. I'm so sorry for your loss. Feel free to post your appt updates and your fears here. We've all been in your shoes and know how scary it can be.


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Mon, 05-03-2004 - 1:05pm

I am happy that you are able to join us. I wish you all the best. You are in my P&PT. I know it is hard but try to stay positive. Keep us posted on you HCG numbers. I am sure everything is going to be fine. (((HUGS)))


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Mon, 05-03-2004 - 4:35pm


Congrats and welcome to the board.

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