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Sun, 05-02-2004 - 2:13am
Hi Heather!

That is so sweet of you to be thinking of mother was in town for the past week to buy DH & I layettes for the babies (I, of course, had no complaints). She did keep me really busy all week and after we dropped her off at the airport this morning I took a 3 hour nap. :D Felt really good, but I could have slept 8 hours! Alexeyev is the first preggie I know that will be giving birth from here, but I also have been thinking about when everyone is due. You and I will probably be delivering around the same time since my dr. said I will deliver early. August 5th sounds good to me too - I am kinda sick of just looking "bigger" and not looking pregnant!!!

I had no idea how many women have ovarian cysts until I found out I had one. I know it will sound strange, but I take comfort in the fact that there are other people out there with them and it doesn't cause any ill effects. Glad to see you are still around and am wondering about your updates since I haven't seen any lately - how is your little monster? Must be getting pretty big by now...


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edd 8/30/04 (b/g twins!)

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Sun, 05-02-2004 - 5:29am

I have been doing really well. I have been insanely busy. My dh got a new job, so I will have insurance the third week in July! Finally, I will be insured again! (We lost our insurance just days before I got pregnant.) I take care of my sister's children, and her youngest will be out of daycare permanently at the end of May so that means more work, but I am hoping that I can handle it. She has hyperactivity disorder so she is hell on wheels. She makes Matthew look like a little angel, and he is very active in his own right. I have no doubt that this summer will be full of fun. :) I finally turned my truck over to my husband. I can no longer fit behind the wheel. Someone did not get the tilt wheel option. :) I have found a wonderful little used Monte Carlo that I can use for a year or so until we get ready to buy a new car. I was really blessed to get it. It is in really great condition.

My mother is doing very well. She has had just two chemo treatments, (her second treatment got delayed because her blood pressure went down so low.) and her levels have been cut in half. When she was first out of remission they were at about 270 (cancer level) now she is at 117, so we are all very thrilled. We cried when we found out because she really did not think that she would make it to see the baby born.

I know what you mean about just looking bigger and not pregnant. From the side you can tell but if you look at me right on it just looks like I have let myself go. :) I got so big with Matthew that people were asking me, Are you still pregnant?, when I was just seven months along and this time the baby is much smaller and I haven't really gotten that big. The baby dropped down into my pelvis a few weeks ago so I don't really look pregnant anymore. Like right now I can look down and imagne I am not pregnant. I know she is in there, but she just prefers to stay low and out of the way. Sometimes I have even forgotten I am pregnant because I do not have the belly to remind me. :)

Well time is slowly running down. I am so excited. My third trimester is just 11 days away!!!! I am glad that May is here, it feels good to be one month closer. Before we know it it will be our turn to walk down that path. Take care and post more often. :)

Heather 8/5/04