pregnant again

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pregnant again
Wed, 05-05-2004 - 10:26am
new to the bored. Pregnant after a pregnancy loss at 13 weeks 2/25/02..... 2 + years later , I have gotten 3 pos pregnancy test.. EDD would be about 1/4/2005... last period march 30th. Kinda nervous. I also have complications... with an antibody (antiphospholipid antibody) and have to take asprin therapy and heprin. Anybody else have this or a positive story?

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Wed, 05-05-2004 - 1:20pm
Hi, Kel,

Sorry I can't offer much help, but there is a woman who posts here occasionally who has the same antiphospholipid antibody disorder -- Julie, jewlz8896. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any posts from her lately. Maybe you should do a post directed to her and hopefully she'll respond.

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