New with Exciting News

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New with Exciting News
Wed, 05-05-2004 - 6:06pm

this is the fist time I've posted a message here. I'm 5 weeks pregnant today. This is my 3rd pregnancy. The first was a blighted ovam last year, the second I was 10 weeks (so I thought) and m/c naturally on Christmas Eve. Both were very painful and it was helpful reading the message boards here at Ivillage so I didn't feel so alone.

I'll be 27 at the end of the month and this will be my husband's and my first baby. I keep praying it will be anyway. Well like I said I'm 5 weeks today and I just found out my HCG levels fom my first beta (taken yesterday) are 5226! I know I need to make sure they double but I can't help being excited. My doctor said my numbers are very good. Yesterday I was feeling kind of blue because I was worried if this time would be like the others. I've had some cramping and my brests aren't as tender at last time. Anyway I just wanted to say hello and thank everyone for sharing their joys and worries at this site because it makes me feel so much more normal and not like I'm a walking nutcase.

I'm sending everyone SBVs.