Roll Call - second trimeste May 5/04

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Roll Call - second trimeste May 5/04
Wed, 05-05-2004 - 8:36pm

How is everyone doing?

Post us a little message to let us know how you are and what you are doing with yourself to help the time go by.


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 8:56am
Tracy here!!! :o)

About half way through 22wks (into 23wk if we go by the u/s techs edd) I feel pretty good. Feeling the baby move around like crazy and am LOVING it. DH finally got to feel it a tiny little bit the other night. (he has no patiences to sit there with his hand on my belly) ;o)

Starting to get really out of breath, leg cramps, and sore lower back, but other then that, I've been feeling really great!!! I keep joking with people that I've had such an easy pg that I'll probably be in labor for like 2 weeks!!! LOL From our first appt in January until our last one 3 weeks ago, I had only gained 4lbs. (which is really astonishing for me) However...I think that I've gained ANOTHER 4lbs in just the past 3 weeks!!! hahaha Next appt on the 12th should be interesting.

Time seems to be moving fast and slow at the same time. (if that makes sense) I get excited when I think that I could actually HAVE this baby in like 15wks, but then I think thats still almost 4 months away...(sigh) Of course, I'm sure the summer will go by VERY fast.

Hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to the Third Trimester (although, I'm not sure I know when that starts) hahahaha

HUGS to all!!


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 10:25am
I will tell you one thing about where I am right now emotionally. I feel like I am trying to run a marathon with my legs tied together. The third trimester is right there, and even though I am hopping like crazy to get there each hop brings me only a little closer to the line.

Despite the fact that I have been relatively constipation free this pregancy I still have managed to acquire a very bad hemmorhoid possibly because the baby is so low. I have found no relief from this curse and dh and I are fussing a lot at each other nowadays. I think we are both ready for this to be over.

The baby is not moving as much as she used to, although my tummy doesn't look any bigger. My ex mom-in-law came by yesterday to pick Matthew up and she said, well golly, Heather you don't even look like you have gained anything. Your carrying so low. I said I know, and I am glad this baby is not as big as Matthew was at this stage. She is going to be a small baby. I am glad that she is not pressing on my ribs and high up, but I wish it was a little more evident to those around me that I am nearly seven months, people think I have been five months along for the last two months! The baby is almost level with my butt so I look like some strange attraction at the circus! Just 13 more weeks! I can make it, I think I can anyway!

Heather 8/5/04


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 10:31am
Well I have made it!!!! I think I can honestly say I am in the 2nd trimester now. I wasnt sure when it offically started but since I will be 15 weeks on Saturday I am sure I am now there. I have already begun to feel some flutters off and on but I have to really be paying attention. I have not actually gained any weight and was still under my pre-pregnancy weight at my last appt. by one pound. Anyway I am really looking forward to the next few weeks my nausea has let up for the most part but my breasts are starting to hurt again I hope there not going to grow anymore or I will have to special order bras!!!

I can't wait till we get a u/s around 18-22 weeks so I can hopefully find out if I am having a girl (everyone swears I am) Anyway this has gotten long so I will go!!!!


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 10:34am
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Krista, bless your heart! Ways to pass the time... I wish that were my problem! I had the realization yesterday that I'm down to about 100 days left - a little less if you go by earlier EDD's, a little more with later EDD's. I have soooooooo much to do between now and then!!!!!

I'm a grad student working toward my doctorate in clinical psych, so I'll be in classes up until I'm 36 weeks. AND I'm really trying to get some serious work done on my dissertation - if the gods of academia smile upon me I might be able to get the proposal submitted before the baby is born, which means that I would know for sure exactly what my project will me and then I can kind of put it on the back burner for a while after the birth.

Plus I have a quilt I really want to put together before the summer, though that depends on when I can get my DH to bring the sewing machine to get cleaned and repaired...


But I'm doing fine, baby's moving all over the place and this morning I could feel two distinct little hands pushing out on my belly. I've only put on about 8 lbs, which matches how I was with my DD. Feeling pretty good, though I'm tiptoeing toward that 3rd-trimester constant heartburn and inability to eat more than a few bites before I feel full (so I'm constantly hungry!). Still haven't found out the baby's gender, though it's been hard not to this time!

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping their spirits up...


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 10:48am
Hi everyone, Linda here. I am 27 weeks tomorrow, just one week shy of entering into the third trimester. Everything is going great. I am so lucky to say I've had an uneventful pregnancy so far, and I hope it stays that way! I love being pregnant, and since this is our last child (#2) I'm cherishing every minute of this wonderful experience.

But of course, there are those discomforts! I get tired very easily now, especially if I do anything physical. By the end of the workday, I'm exhausted, but still have to go home and be mom and wife. I work 35 hours a week and have a 5 year old, and a husband who works the night shift. It's hard some days. And I find the bigger my belly gets, the more my back hurts. For some reason, my back has bothered me since early on in pregnancy. And getting to sleep at night is uncomfortable; I toss and turn alot (I miss sleeping on my belly!). But I figure if these are my only problems, I am SO LUCKY!

Hope everyone else is doing well.


27 weeks!

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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 2:43pm
Hello Everyone!

Well I am excited to say that we are 1/2 way there 21wks 3days, and feeling good most of the time. Felt the baby move for the first time last week, and now look forward to it all the time. My husband still can't feel it though.

As for symptoms nothing too bad just got back from Dr. said I have twised bowl(painful), but hopefully that will correct itself as everything gets moving. Otherwise I feel good. Had gained 14lbs!!! at last prenatal visit (thinking I may go over the 25-30lb range) oh well it will all be worth it for the end result.

Have had my midpoint u/s @ 19wks & everything looks good, opted not to find out the sex of the baby!

Can't wait for trimester #3, but time seems to be almost standing still these days. Well maybe once we get some nice weather it will go by quicker

Hope everyone is doing great!!



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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 3:21pm
Lynn here, due September 19th, 20 weeks, 3 days.

Feeling pretty good most of the time. Get really tired now and then, some leg cramps, and fighting off zits--that's about it right now. I keep waking up and find that I'm on my back. I try to sleep on my sides but then my hips hurt, so I usually end up on my back. Then I wake up, either cuz I realize subconsciously that I'm on my back or cuz I feel slightly lightheaded.

Today was nice out so took DS to the park to play.


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 9:31pm
Llyra here, 23 weeks and counting, and it's a girl. I'd feel fine if I could just get some sleep. Yikes, I don't think I've slept for more than four hours a night since December, and it's getting worse. Major paranoia about preterm labor, too, but I'm coping all right, i guess.

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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 2:00pm
2nd Trimester but almost to the 3rd - YEAH!

Things are going good, I'll be 24 weeks on Sunday. The weeks are just flying by for me! I'm feeling lots of movement and love to sit back and watch my belly contort : ) DH and DD have also been able to feel him move around. I am happy to finally be showing but growing tired of the "oh, so you have the hot summer to go". Been battling heartburn a little and also some severe sciatic nerve pain but surviving.

I am a huge organizational geek so the room will be complete after I hang the valances (just received from an eBay auction!) and a cushion for the rocker. I guess that's what I've been doing to make the time pass ... setting up the nursery and washing/hanging/organizing clothes.

Hugs and belly rubs to all!

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Sat, 05-08-2004 - 10:51am
I'm here! I'm now nearly 22 weeks and feeling wonderful! Lots of movement and that is just SOOOO reassuring! I think I am finally relaxing now!!

No need to come up with ways to pass the time! With 4 kiddos, homeschooling 3, keeping up around the house, t-ball & baseball practices & games, dental appointments, gardening, errands, groceries, and laundry, the time passes pretty quickly anyway!!