Roll Call - third Trimester May 5/04

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Roll Call - third Trimester May 5/04
Wed, 05-05-2004 - 8:39pm

Are you ready?

Krista - Mommy to Gabriel (June 10, 2004)

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Wed, 05-05-2004 - 10:43pm
37.5 weeks here! I think Im ready, and yes Im very excited!!! :) :)

Im feeling pretty good...starting to get more tired, swollen and heartburn-y. Today I started doing 8-hour shifts instead of 12 hour ones. AH, that was really quite nice. I felt like I was SO dragging doing 12-hour shifts (Im a L&D nurse)

Can't believe we are THIS far, Krista!!



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Wed, 05-05-2004 - 11:04pm
Well, I have to say I'm not at all ready baby stuff-wise. Emotionally, I think I am. The thing with the baby stuff- DH and I have gone completely insane and are planning on buying our first house this summer- namely beginning of August. SO, while I think it's good timing for me to be on maternity leave during the move, I'm not bothering to set up any kind of nursery until Cameron (baby) is here and we're in our new house. I figure that's not such a bad thing, since he'll be sleeping with us in our room for awhile anyway. So, as usual I'm doing the last minute thing. I did manage to send in my hospital pre-registration, though!!!! LOL

Love, Kendra

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Wed, 05-05-2004 - 11:30pm

Have hard time believing it's last third already. And NOOOOOOO i am NOT ready LoL. All the stuff i have from boys is somewhere in the basement and i need to find it, get it out, wash / clean and set up. Plus after finding out it's a girl all my know-it-all confidence of BTDT mom is gone and i am actually reading (trying to find books LoL) and looking for info on "what to do" with girls. Plus i have a HUGE itch to shop for dresses and other PINK stuff. How do i pass my time? WORK, work, work and i really need to work much more!

So Krista how are YOU doing?

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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 10:57am
I can't believe that I start my thrid trimester in May. It is so crazy to think about. Though I did wake up in the middle of last night with a total panic attack because we only have 3 months left and we have no crib or car seat or well anything purchased. Every day I worry less and less and well that is a good change of pace. I can't wait to hold this little baby boy in my arms. What a blessing he is. Now I am just waiting for my tummy to pop out. I would love to hear from other mom's in their thrid trimester and when they bought their stuff.


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 11:42am
I am SOOOOOO ready for the Diva to make her appearance. Alas, she keeps us waiting. Sigh. On a positive note, I have re-organized 3 closets, finished knitting the Diva's blanket, shredded all my old documents, washed every item of baby clothes up to 6 months, and, finished my work-work! So, I think I'll work on de-cluttering another section of my home now.





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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 1:02pm
Well, I can't believe that I'm at 33w!! Never thought I'd make it this far. Yes, I'm so excited! The baby's room is ready to be painted and all the furniture put in, and hopefully that will be done in the next couple of weeks. I have NO CLOTHES for any sex right now - or baby clothes at least. I'm picking some up at the end of the month from my sis in law - who has 3 boys all under 3 years old!!! so her and I swap clothes all the time. I do have some baby girl clothes, come to think of it, that a friend gave me a while back that I have to go through.

Really really excited, still having the terrible crotch pain and sleeping at night is a little difficult. And, let me know if any of you are experiencing this, but I'm leaking milk from my left breast - enough that i need to wear one of those breast pads.

Working is mainly what I'm doing to pass the time, since I'm preparing my boss for my leave.

Hugs to all of you!


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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 1:35pm

Only 4 days to go! It just doesn't seem real.....We are probably as ready as we can be!

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Thu, 05-06-2004 - 6:38pm

Hi everyone,

Here I am sitting in the third trimester waiting for the arrival of my little one.

Krista - Mommy to Gabriel (June 10, 2004)

Proud to be CL of Pregnant after a loss board 

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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 10:08am
Hey ladies,

I reached the 38 week mark yesterday and we can't believe how quickly time hast passed! Probably is just a reminder to spend as much time with your babies as possible when they're growing up. As uncomfortable as I'm getting lately (swelling, crotch pains, not sleeping the best) I'm kinda iffy on whether or not I'm completely ready for the little peanut to come out and meet us yet. Labor anxiety I guess. The nursery and our house is all ready to go ... that nesting instinct has kicked into high gear this last week. We are all so fortunate to have summer babies I think! No cold weather or snow to worry about, no icy roads, warmer weather.

Good luck to all! Love, Sandy ; )

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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 4:55pm

Hey gals!

I'm in my 29th week now.

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