Hello All- 1st day here in a long while.

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Hello All- 1st day here in a long while.
Tue, 05-11-2004 - 4:56pm
Hi all!

This is my first day posting, as my pregnancy was officially confirmed today by the doctor’s office. I posted a question above regarding progesterone levels. I am looking forward to a healthy pregnancy and learning new things from all of you. I am so pleased to be back on the pregnancy board and I wish you all the best in your pregnancies.

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Tue, 05-11-2004 - 6:08pm


Hi Heather,

Congratulations on your PG and welcome to the board.

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Tue, 05-11-2004 - 10:02pm
Welcome, Heather! Congrats on your BFP! Hope your stay here is a long one!


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