Finally here....

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Finally here....
Wed, 05-12-2004 - 10:36am

I am moving over from the TTCAM board (even though I will continue to post/lurk there too).

I had some "issues" with the Ebay OPK's and found out they didn't work for me!!


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Wed, 05-12-2004 - 10:56am
Hello and Welcome!!! Well anyone can see you are pg, just look at how confused you are hahahaha. Well congrats, going to the doctor and finding out would be an exciting way to find out. But seriously you sound like all of us do when we first start posting. I found this board and didnt even write in until I was like two months along because I was nervous about the pg continuing. After being here for a little while I realized that these ladies were the best source of support and I should have been writing in the whole time. Congrats again and lots of luck on the levels going up.




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Wed, 05-12-2004 - 11:11am
Welcome!! These girls have been a great help getting me thru the first 10 weeks. I am still scared as h#ll, but remaining sane!

What a surprise you got! I can't wait to hear more updates!!


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