Joining again after 2 years

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Joining again after 2 years
Fri, 05-21-2004 - 10:20am
Hi!!!! My name is Melinda. I was here on this board over 2 years ago. I've lost 2 babies at 20 weeks gestation due to having a bicornute uteras. Lucille Jane was born on April 1, 2002 and Tabitha Jane was born on December 27, 2002. I only recently had the nerve to get all of the tests done to see why I lost my girls. So my doctor gave me the go ahead to try again. So here we are 5 weeks pg and due Jan. 21, 2005. Me and hubby are very excited but also very scared. We don't know if we can handle loosing another baby. But I have a good doctor and a good specialist and I think both of them are going to hang me by my toes with this one. LOL!!!! I'm fixing to be introduced into the worlds of cerclage and bed rest. Fun, Fun.

Good luck to everyone,


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Fri, 05-21-2004 - 11:19am
Well Hello!!!

Welcome to this board. It is a wonderful place for anyone who has lost a baby. I am soo thankful to have found this place. It is so comfortable because all of these women understand the pain of a loss. No one thinks that questions are stupid or silly. Everyone is supportive and gives out advice or helpful suggestions. We are all pulling for you and praying for you. It is wonderful that you did go and get the testing done before this pregnancy. When it is a physical problem or chemical problem and the drs can monitor or "fix" things it is wonderful. Congratulations on your new pregnancy and welcome to the board. Feel free to post often and keep us involved!!!!


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Fri, 05-21-2004 - 1:25pm


Congratulations and welcome to the board. Please feel free to post any updates, fears, and joys with your pregnancy. The women on this board know how scary it is to be pregnant again after a loss and we will help support you through this Pregnancy.

I am so sorry for your previous loss, I hope that things progress smoothly with this Pg.

Congrats again and a ton of sticky baby vibes being sent your way.


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Fri, 05-21-2004 - 7:47pm
Congratulations, Melinda

I am sorry to hear of your losses. That must have been very difficult for you and dh to handle, but I am glad hat you are back and trying again. Good luck and keep us Posted.

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Tue, 05-25-2004 - 11:28am
Welcome, Melinda! You're going to get along just fine here. The women are sensationally wise and supportive. Also, just wanted to let you know that we recently had a member with a bicornate uterus give birth to her daughter. So, it can be done!

Best to you,


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Tue, 05-25-2004 - 2:59pm
Thank all of you ladies for welcoming me. I am glad to hear that someone had a successful pregnancy with a BU. I am very nervous but I'm trying to be optimistic also. I hope everyone had a wonderful pregnancy.