RC third trimester May 26

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RC third trimester May 26
Wed, 05-26-2004 - 12:22pm

Hi everyone,

How are you doing?

Krista - Mommy to Gabriel (June 10, 2004)

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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 12:31pm

I will be the first to reply,

I am happy, excited, scared and petrified all rolled up in one.

Krista - Mommy to Gabriel (June 10, 2004)

Proud to be CL of Pregnant after a loss board 

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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 1:10pm

I will 37 weeks on Friday. At my dr. appt yesterday I found out i am not dialated at all. I am feeling horribly uncomfortable and at times cant even walk, depending how the baby is lying i guess. I didnt have that with my daughter (who is now almost 3). I think my husband sometimes thinks i am being overly dramatic, but the pain on my cervix is downright unbearable at times, but the dr. says thats normal for second pregnancies adn that it gets more painful with each baby!?!??! I never heard that before. Anyhow, i cant eat much lately as there is no room in that stomach.

As to the other questions, well I dont know if i am in denial STILL but I have nothing ready. I dont have a baby's room, i dont have a crib (my daughter is still in it), i dont even have a baby's outfit (gave them all away to a friend). I dont know the sex and am waiting so I can really go all out boy or girl.... SO...what i do have is a bassinett, and car seat carrier..which to all new moms out there if you dont know your baby will sleep about the first two months of life in your infant car seat carrier. I am not joking. No one ever told me this, until AFTER I had the baby, but my daughter spent every night in her car carrier until 4 months. GENERALLY speaking infants hate cribs in the beginning cuz its not "closed in enough". My friends all have put their babies in the car seat carriers at bedtime and then put the carrier in the crib.

Sorry for the digression,...anyhow...when you have your second its kinda like, so what s the big deal (the way people treat you i mean). Its not the same as having the first. OF course, being pregnant after a m/c totally changed my feelings on pregnancy and how amazing it is.

OH BY THE WAY, since Krista mentioned her baby's estimated wght, i would say they are very often WAY WAY off on those weights,,,my dr. says it looks like my baby is maybe six at the most. But they really dont know.

Hope everyone is hanging in there!


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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 1:24pm

I'm here!

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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 2:03pm
Yep, made it to the 3rd trimester! Which boggles the mind...

1- Have you begun to accept the fact that there will be a new baby in your family?

I'm not entirely sure that my heart and my brain have figured it out, but the house is ready and everyone else around me seems to take it for granted. I'm still trying to adjust to the fact that I no longer have a high-risk pregnancy, plus I have about 5 months' worth of stuff I want to get done in the 2+ months left before the baby is born......

2- What have you done to prepare for the new arrival? Have you had any baby showers?

We're all set, stuff-wise. Between what we already had and the fact that 2 close friends have recently had babies, we have all of the supplies we need for the immediate future. All we need is a new crib, and that can wait until December or later... we've got one now, but it's old and needs new paint, and rather than repaint it I'll just scrounge garage sales this summer! No showers for this one, my friends and family all live pretty spread apart so it would be a huge endeavor to arrange something, and we don't need more stuff anyway. My MIL took me out and spent $400 last weekend, so that's close enough!

3- How are you feeling? when is your next dr appoinment and is their any special treatment for you now?

I feel fine. Occasionally I sort of feel claustrophobic in my own body, as the baby gets bigger and my stomach, lungs, etc get pushed to the side - but that's all part of the experience, no big deal. The only hard thing about this pregnancy, as compared with my DD, is that I have chronic sciatica, which is very painful and takes almost nothing at all to trigger it. I'll be starting physical therapy next week, hope that helps! As for special treatment, I'm starting the every-2-week appts now, otherwise nothing noteworthy. We're not bothering with birthing or parenting classes this time around, but we will enroll DD in a Big Sister class over the summer and we're taking a tour of the L&D ward in 2 weeks.

I'm just a little disbelieving to have made it this far after all the drama and panic of the first trimester. I hope everyone is happy and healthy, and that the time just flies by for us all!


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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 2:50pm
I'll go ahead and post with this group if you don't mind, since I'll officially be here in just a few more days. :)

1- Have you begun to accept the fact that there will be a new baby in your family?

Don't think it's hit me yet, even after spending all weekend sewing pillows and curtains and cribskirts for baby! I have this image in my head of us as a new family, but it's not quite real yet. I suppose I am finally beginning to show, or at least people at work keep looking at my tummy when I walk by to see if there is a pooch there yet. Strangers have yet to comment, so until that happens, it's hard to imagine the little baby that will soon join us.

2- What have you done to prepare for the new arrival? Have you had any baby showers?

We have a lot of travel coming up with a big trip back East to see DH's family. Baby shower #1 is immediately after that and the second one will be in mid-July. I think the gifts and following organizational details will help make it all "real".

3- How are you feeling? when is your next dr appoinment and is their any special treatment for you now?

Meeting new doctor this Friday (yes, switching very late in the game!) and I'm really looking forward to it. I feel great, but am getting used to my new body after this past week's growth spurt. Everything is going well so far, so just need to pass the GCC and keep eating lots of protein to make sure I don't get preeclampsia (have low BP, so not really a concern).

DH has been really busy with school (24 credits this term alone after quitting management and going back for his degree), so I guess I could be using a little more romantic time with him. We've been a little testy with each other lately and I hate it! :(


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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 4:22pm

Hey kids!

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Wed, 05-26-2004 - 5:05pm
I am so glad to be in my third trimester. It seems like it has taken me so long to get here, especially when you consider I have been posting since late in week 4. Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks!!!!!!!

1- Have you begun to accept that there will be a new baby in your family?

YES! I am so excited. I worry a little about Matthew. He has been acting up in school for a couple of weeks. I think he is having a hard time adjusting to the increased attention on my expanding belly. I have been giving him extra love. I can hardly wait to meet this little person. :) I am so excited to go in to labor. I have been through it before so there is nothing new there, and I feel like this time I can enjoy it better.

2- What have you done to prepare for the new arrival?

I do not work so I am not exposed to that many people. We also left our church family late last year, so we are still searching for a permanent church, so that limits my showers. I decided to do a baby layaway and have friends and family members contribute that way. This poor baby is getting the shaft major time. I had four baby showers with Matthew, and this one will have none, unless one of my family members decides to do it on the sly. I have everything I need, crib, bassinet, carrier/car seat, bouncer, I have gone crazy on the clothes too! I really am ashamed of myself, I have layaways all over town, and my crib is getting full of shoes and clothes and little socks. I have very little self control! :) We are going to start buying diapers this Friday, every week until Savannah is born.

3- How are you feeling? When is your next doctor's appt. and is their any special treatment for you?

June 2nd I will have an u/s and doctor's appt. Hopefully everything will look good. I feel pretty miserable, but I am so excited that the end is in sight! It is very hot and humid down here, and I do not sleep well anymore, etc.....(I already vented about my pains in the chit chat section!) :) I just have ten more weeks left and hopefully all of this discomfort is having a positive effect on my cervix. With Matthew I was induced because of pre-eclampsia, and I was closed and thick. This time I am hoping that things are already beginning to change down there. I was supposed to be on restricted activity from my 13th week checkup, but I go all over town everyday with my mom, and I have not slowed down at all. I am a little worried that it will catch up with me, but not enough to slow down. I do have a hard time at around five everyday. That is when I just can't go any more! :) I am just so happy and pleased that August is only ten weeks away. I don't want to wish away my summer vacation, and I want to enjoy my last summer alone with Matthew and dh, so we are going to have a lot of fun and go, go, go, until we can't go anymore!

Heather 8/5/04


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Thu, 05-27-2004 - 6:15pm

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I am here - 33w3d! I was feeling great over weekend and went back two work last two days. This morning i woke up to not feeling so well again and after seeing my OB for scheduled 33 w appt i am back on bed rest till Mon. After that - no restriction and they will let baby to be born - hmmmmmmm sounds way too early to me. I noticed it a lot on July board (must be new thing in medical science) they will not stop labor after 34 weeks. Still wish i will go till 37 w!

1- Have you begun to accept the fact that there will be a new baby in your family?

Ahhhh yea..... I started panicking how I am gonna spent summer with THREE bored kids whom I need to drive places ON TIME.

2- What have you done to prepare for the new arrival?

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Fri, 05-28-2004 - 1:08am
Hi everyone!

I am 33 weeks into it now, and really starting to feel uncomfortable due to my large size LOL!

I think I'm actually starting to accept that there will be THREE of us in a couple of months, especially since Cam's movements are really beginning to feel like feet and hands, and a little backside LOL I describe a lot of his movement as "rearranging my internal organs". The only way to describe it is like picture someone beating or fluffing a pillow in order to get comfortable- that's what is feels like he's doing in there! When I told DH, he laughed for like 20 minutes!

I still don't have anything but a crib and a few items of clothing. My baby shower is scheduled for June 27th.

My next appt is on June 1st. It's going to be the first time since my 1st appt that I'm going to have to completely undress, since I'll be having my Group B strep test. ICK

Love, Kendra

Cameron Karl EDD 7/13/04

33w 2d

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Fri, 05-28-2004 - 8:28am
It is crazy to think that I am in the third trimester. Seems like I was just hoping to get past 12 weeks to have my chance of miscarraige drop. Then 24 weeks so they could save the baby. Or at least try. This has been such a great ride. I am loving every new experence. Though sleeping has lost its fun and well I have always listed that as one of my hobbies.

I am high risk because of GD. I am so thankful that I fell into a high risk obgyn practice. I went to them because everyone I knew that had gone to them loved them. I didn't even realize they specialize in heavy women and high risk. I love the practice! They are attentive, return calls quickly, and even told me in the begining... if you have a freak out moment and you are afarid the baby is not ok just stop in and we will do a doppler. It just really meant something that they were so concerned that I felt comfortable with my pregnancy. So if any of you live in Connecticut let me know and I will tell you where to go to have a great practice.

We are actually going out to buy the crib and car seat this weekend. Crazy to think we will have that stuff in the house. Maybe then I will be able to start to relax about him comming. I keep having the nightmare that we get him home and I have nothing in the house. LOL my husband thinks it is funny... waking him up in the middle of the night wanting a game plan of what we would do if we had no diapers in the house. He is always like the grocery store is open all night now go back to sleep. LOL.

So that is me up to now... Yeah we are in the home strech.


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