Returning Grad due in Feb, bleeding (m)

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Returning Grad due in Feb, bleeding (m)
Wed, 06-02-2004 - 1:28pm
Hi! I'm Katherine. I'm 39 (today!), and have two PAL babies, one after a missed miscarriage in 1999, and one after a suspected ectopic pregnancy in 2001. And here I am again.

I'm not even sure that I should really be joining.... not sure if this is a keeper. There are so many similarities between this pg and my missed miscarriage, from signs like bleeding and swelling, to silly coincidences like how my doc is treating me, or where I was when I found out I was pg, etc. Anyways, I'm waiting for my first HCG result, very impatiently. It was quite the effort just to get that test done, and now I have to wait for my doc (who is out until July but checking in, I guess) to look at the results and either call me or have the nurse call. They won't tell me the results. Ok, maybe this is normal, but it is NOT normal for this doc, who took forever for me to find during my last loss. What is freaking me out (really, I don't freak all that much, but I am getting rather shakey here) is that the only time I have ever had to wait for a doc to talk to me was when another OB took THREE DAYS to call me back to tell me that there was no heartbeat with my first loss. No one would tell me anything, and now no one will tell me anything again. I am NOT liking this. Even if the news if peachy, and they allow a second HCG for the series, I'm still not happy with what is going on.

Well, I guess that is rather confusing for folks who don't know me or my history. Sorry, I guess I tend to jump in, LOL.

Anyways, as for this pg, I am due February 2nd, by ovulation date. I thought AF came on May 22nd, but my temps didn't really drop, and it was lighter than normal. Not spotting, definately a flow, and red (with brown), but not as heavy as usual. So, I tested on May 26th and got a not all that faint positive, but not exceptionally strong, either. By then I was just spotting, and spotting pretty much stopped all together by May 29th.

Basically, I have little to no hope. But last night, I felt a spark, like I really did have someone in side of me, so I feel that I should give him or her a chance, and give me a chance to enjoy him/her while I can.

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Thu, 06-03-2004 - 7:50am

Welcome back to the board. Since you are a BTDT mom after some losses, I am sure you know that this is the first of many scares that you will have. I totally understand your frustration. Not getting answers is the worst. I would try again and insist on them. The nurses at my group told me my results, even when they are not good.

I am thinking of you and wishing you luck and hugs.

Keep us informed.



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Thu, 06-03-2004 - 11:15am
Thanks, Lisa. And hugs to you as you are right in the middle of your loss time. Now THAT is stress, in my experience! I hope you are feeling some confidence, as I know (as, you say, a BTDT PAL gal, LOL) it really does make a difference.

I had to go to the lab to get my results - oh my gosh, what a story that was. In short (which is not easy for me!), they only ran the qualitative HCG and progesterone. So, duh, I'm pregnant, and my progesterone is at 13. Pretty darned low on the pg scale, but I can't give up hope on this little one. I have learned that, for me, it is best for me to just enjoy the ride as much as I can while I can. And, I can tell other PAL moms that all day long. It's just HARD TO DO, you know? But I am trying. I have another day of trying to get through to the doc to see if I can get another draw today (they are running the quant on my last draw now, but the results weren't available yesterday because of the delay to see if I was pregnant re: too stupid to read a stick. Can you tell I'm angry?).

BTW, I begged to be told the results, but no go. I really HATE this.

Thanks again for the response!

Belly pats,

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Thu, 06-03-2004 - 2:42pm


Praying that you get to have an early Valentine and that these people get their act together.

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Thu, 06-03-2004 - 3:37pm


Congrats on your PG and welcome back to the board.

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