I'm not getting too comfy yet...

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I'm not getting too comfy yet...
Thu, 06-03-2004 - 7:06pm

Hi Ladies!

My name is Stephanie, coming from the TTCAM board also.


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Thu, 06-03-2004 - 8:17pm

My advice would be to test tomorrow with FMU. It's hard to compare tests taken with FMU to ones taken in the middle of the afternoon. I think you're here to stay! So take off your shoes & get comfortable. :)


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Fri, 06-04-2004 - 1:45pm


Congrats and welcome to the board.

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Sat, 06-05-2004 - 12:43pm

I think getting any sort of result at 9dpo is AMAZING!! I had a blood draw at 9dpo, knowing I was going to get the results the following day I decided to go ahead & POAS anyway - BFN. At 10dpo my OB's office called & said my HCG levels were at 6, anything below a 4 is considered a non-pg. So I was told to wait until the following Monday & AF had not shown up then go get another blood draw.

At 12dpo I decided to POAS again, this time I did get a very faint line. I was cautiously excited. I like to POAS on the day AF is due since nothing can bring her on quicker than a BFN & I would want to keep her regular since I was only using the calendar method. The FMU was still very light, but darker than the one from 12dpo.

I had my blood draw at 15dpo & it was up to 399.

It's just hard to say when you implant. Showing ANY line at 9dpo means you have already implanted - the earlier the implant the BETTER - the more likely the egg will prosper. There are many woman who cannot get BFP for at least 7 days after expected AF - my littler sister cannot EVER get a BFP & she's now been pg 8 times (4 of which were/are healthy).

ALSO, when reading that website, don't remember what it was called, but had the sensativity of different tests it showed FRE as being from 15-25 ... that can really make a difference. So I figured that means, even with the same product, each individual test are going to show different results. So the test you took earlier in the week may have slighly more sensative than the one later in the week. Not to mention body fluids, what you ate the night before, etc.... things can effect how much of the HCG hormone spills into the urine.

A blood test would definately bring better results seeing that is where the HCGs are located. If AF has not shown up yet I say call the doc on Monday - I think it would put your mind at greater peace knowing for sure than these guessing games.

IMHO ... getting any sort of + at 9dpo is an EXTREMELY good sign & we should be expecting to see many more msgs from you here rather than TTCAM.

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