Sept. Moms Fri Check In

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Sept. Moms Fri Check In
Fri, 06-04-2004 - 12:02pm
Hi Sept. Moms!!!! I am starting the discussion this week because I just cant wait for anyone else to do it. I was soooooo excited that woobie mom came up with this idea for all of us that are a little over half way there. Well I had my u/s on Wed. Everything looked really good. The tech thinks that the baby is a little girl. My husband and I were really hoping for a boy but when we saw her sucking on her fist it really didnt seem to matter as much. I only wanted two children and I have a dd from a previous relationship that my husband and I are raising. We were hoping for a boy to have one of each. Well needless to say I think that there are going to be more children in our future. I am happy that my dd will have a sister. I feel that is an important relationship and I always wanted a sister and instead had two brothers so I was always the only girl. We have had several things overshadow the joy of pg this week though. Yesterday was the due date of our angel. I just woke up with this overshadowing of sadness. I know that I am grateful that I am pg now with this baby but I do miss the idea of having my angel here in my arms right now. I also have a sil that was due yesterday also. So the whole family is in a buzz waiting for her baby to born. My husband and I are excited also. It will be our first niece or nephew. It is just going to be really hard to have a baby the same age as our angel should have been in the family. I am trying to think of it as a special reminder and a way to mark the growth of our angel. It is just a little hard to be as excited for her as I want to be. Everyone keeps calling me when they cant reach her and asking how she is doing and stuff. That gets really old and hard for me to answer because I want to scream..... I am fine thanks for asking. Also we have been in the process of closing on our house for weeks now. The final date was set for yesterday. Well my husband got a wonderful job offer two weeks ago. He was asked to help start a new company that had just be repurchased for a $4.oo an hour raise and free eye, dental, and medical insurance. Well he tried to hold out for as long as he could but they told him that they needed him to start on Monday or they could hold the postion no longer. Well he went ahead and started at the new company and for some reason the night before closing (while we were gettting our u/s) the cell rings and it is our loan agent freaking out because the mortgage company called his old job to verify employment again. Well the secretary at the old job knew what was going on and had said that if they called she would take care of it for him. Well she was out of the office when they called so now they know that he quit there. Well it has messed up all the paperwork so we still have not closed. I am sooooo pissed. I know it is our fault too but the mortgage company has already said that it is okay but now the paperwork is taking forever. I am in a hurry to move....not really because I just want to. It is because we have had everything we own packed for over a week now. I dont even have Qtips. Also my husband is in the National Guard and he leaves for his two weeks of annual training this thurs. so we have less than a week to get everything moved and settled so that he can leave me completely by myself for two weeks. There are several things that need done before we can even cleaning and we have horses that need moved there too. It is getting crazy. They wont let us do anything to the house until after closing. We have already asked. So now the days are dwindling down with us just sitting here waiting on the paperwork. I am going CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Sorry this is sooo long but I just needed to vent. I am looking forward to reading all of the updates on the September moms.


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Fri, 06-04-2004 - 1:42pm
Hi September mom's! This has been a busy week for me. I had my 26 week check up & u/s on Monday. It was so good to see "The Bun"(the baby's nickname). All the measurements are right on target for my due date! The doctor thinks we are having a girl but did tell us that he doesn't say 100% on "girls" just because he has seen it where the little boy parts where hiding off to the side. So, now this makes 3 doctors saying they think it's a girl. But since all 3 doctor's won't say 100% it still adds a little bit of unknown. It's funny, my gut feeling was it's a boy....but now I'm really excited it could be a girl! I also found out I failed my 1 hr glucose test =O( I go for my 3 hr glucose test on Wed. June 9th. I'm disappointed but not freaked out. I failed the 1 hr glucose test with my son(4 yrs ago) & went on to pass the 3 hr test. I'm just praying I'll pass this 3 hr test!!! I just can't imagine not eating lots of Ice Cream this summer! LOL

I have a big weekend planned! I'm going away on a MOPS(Mothers of Pre-schoolers) retreat. MOPS is a bimonthly support group for moms of young children(infant through kindergarden)that runs from Sept.-May. This past year I volunteered to be on the steering team.(the steering team is made up of several position that help make the group run smoothly & plan the years themes for each meeting) I'm the discussion group leader & come up with discussion group questions for each meeting. So, this weekend is our MOPS steering team retreat to plan our next years meetings & themes! It's going to be 6 of us & we leave Sat. 10am and are staying at a bed & breakfast. We return Sunday afternoon! It should be a great time!! I'm looking forward to some "girl" time & good fellowship!

Have a great weekend & week everyone!!


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Sat, 06-05-2004 - 11:26am
Good Morning September Moms!!!

Sorry I'm a day late in checking in:.) My DS and I spent the entire day yesterday at the zoo! It was a beautiful day. In fact, the whole week has been that way. I know that we are sooooooo close to hitting the high temps that we need to take full advantage of the low temps while we have them:.) We live in the Midwest and it gets really humid...ugh! Since our DD will be our 2nd September baby, I guess I'm use to being pregnant in the summer:.)

How fun...We're all having girls!!! It seems like everyone that I know that is pregnant is having a girl this summer. When we had our son, everyone had boys:.) Funny how that works out that way isn't it!

We too have our little angel's birthday coming up. Aidan's birthday is June 12th. I was 15 weeks. I'm hoping to remember the happiness of the pregnancy and not the horrible ending. It's so wonderful having all of you here for support!

We are busy on this end getting our DD's new room together:.) Did you start yours???!!! Her new room was once the den so now we are moving our den to a new hubby is building our "new" den in the basement. We have always wanted to finish the we have too pretty quick:.) The baby's furniture comes next week!!! So he's busy hanging drywall this weekend! We also have my DS's baseball game, and we're all Harry Potter fans so...of course we're off to see the new movie too!

Carrie, Good Luck with the move! Everything will work out fine...just try and take a deep breath:.) Let us know about the new baby, but tell them not to forget about you and your new little one too!!!

Shannon, I'm sure that you will pass your next test with flying colors! I agree a summer without ice cream would be a real bummer:.) I have my test at my 28 week visit. My yummy orange drink is chilling in the fridge as we speak! Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun...enjoy! We have a lot in common. You have 2 September babies like us, and I was the president of our MOMS Club chapter for years!!! I'm no longer active because my son had reached school age. Incase your not familiar with MOMS Club, it's an international support organization for moms (Moms Offering Moms Support)...very similar to MOPS:.) Here's there website For those of you not familiar with either group...check them out!!! The friends that I made there are now my very best friends:.) We met when our children were the same age and as they grew so did our friendships. It's fun to have some one to share the same ages & stages together plus we did & went everywhere together. It just gets harder to do once your little ones start Pre-K. Also, all of my sons first friends were his MOMS Club buddies...they're still his best buds too:.)

We are doing fine on this end! This little girl is a mover and shaker just like her big brother:.) Only difference is that I have an anterior placenta this time's really weird that I can feel her everywhere but right in front! Yes, she is still kicking me in the bobo:.) Thankfully, no little feet have popped out!!! She has also found a new bladder:.) It's all I can do not to pee in my pants:.) My DS thinks it's hysterical!!! She also "STILL" scares me to death when I don't feel her move at her regular times!!!

Have a great week guys! Give those babies a big *HUG*!!!


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Sat, 06-05-2004 - 2:58pm
Hi, everyone!

This morning we had DS's last swimming class at the Y. I won't be able to sign him up for the next session because we'll be moving back to our house in 4 weeks. Hopefully once we are home again we can go visit BIL/SIL and their pool often! Then I took DS to get his haircut. Not quite a buzz cut but pretty close--cool summer haircut. I have a hair appt next week and think I will go ahead and cover those grays again.

After the haircut, he wanted to go to the park. It's really nice today, so sure why not? We stayed for about hour to hour and a half. Then we we came back for a nap. DS (3 yrs) is mostly out of naps but he fell asleep late (9:30 rather than his usual 8pm) and was up early (6:30 rather than his usual 7:30am). So with that and going swimming AND going to the park, I'm sure he was tired. I'll go peek at him in a minute to see if he's asleep yet. Hopefully...otherwise he'll be one cranky boy!

At the park, there was a woman with her DD (3.5 YO) and newborn DS. So we chatted for a bit and she told me how she was handling having 2 kids now. I told her how much I liked having a May baby (my DS 5/12, her newborn DS 5/13).

I think I might be brave enough to return my doppler soon. DS #2 is moving and kicking a little more so that reassures me he's ok. I guess if I have any panic attacks I'll just have to go to the dr. for a quick HB check.

My next appt is June 16th. I"ll have my glucose test then. I passed it fine with DS so I'm not too worried about it. Shannon, good luck with your 3 hour one--I hope you pass! HUGS to Carrie and Patty on your upcoming/recent angel due dates. Good luck moving, Carrie!

Have a great weekend!


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