June 7 - 1st trimester Roll Call

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June 7 - 1st trimester Roll Call
Mon, 06-07-2004 - 11:57am

P&PT for everyone and huge hugs. Welcome and congratulations to all members who just joined our "worry board" in a last week or two! This is the scariest time in your pregnancy and it will get better with each little milestone you reach, but i doubt worry will completely leave you ever (that's mom job to worry right?) Please, feel free to lean on us, we all are here for you. Come here to join share your worries and ask questions and there is always somebody to offer a hug or lend an attentive ear. We all are pulling for you and your good updates means so much for all of us - another step to another PAL success story!

So if you are new to the board or been here for a few weeks already - post your update, your worries and concerns.


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Mon, 06-07-2004 - 4:09pm
Thanks for being so welcoming to me. It's very reassuring to know that there are great women here who will help me through this.

I'm now 5w1d & loving every minute of it. I have some nausea in the afternoons-but no sickness yet. (I had no m/s or anything with 1st pg which resulted in my March m/c so this is very much welcomed) I definately still freak out at every little pain & have to check for spotting every time I pee (read this as every 40 minutes-lol). But I feel much more confident about this pg & think that this sticky baby wants to meet DH & myself in 8 months. DH has been great & when I asked him about what he wanted for father's day he said it's on lay-away for the next 8 months. Of course it made me cry. I leave tomorrow morning for Vegas-so am hoping that I make it there & back without any problems. DH will join me on Thursday night & we'll have a relaxing weekend there sitting by the pool & reading. Not the most Vegas things to do-but that's where we'll be. Again-thanks for being there to answer my many questions.


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Mon, 06-07-2004 - 4:14pm
I have a question maybe someone can help. I don't know how to put this w/o grossing anyone out. I've tried to call my dr's office but their still closed for lunch. I'll try to put it in a non gross way. Since finding out I was pg and a bit before I've have been running to the bathroom with #10 as kids would put it. I can't seem to hold it I have to run... I have a 2 year old and I don't remember ever having this problem with her. The only yuckness I had was having to go both ways at the same time which I might add being pg was quite a feet trying to reach the tub while on the pot. LOL

Is this normal? I will also try calling my dr's office later this afternoon. And give the answer to everyone in case it's happening to others.

P.s. Since I'm in my 1st trimester is it ok to take my daughter to her swimming lessons for 1 hour M-Thurs? Or should I cancel it? I"m worried my dr said to stay off me feet but I forgot to ask about the swimming lessons. My 2 yr old's lessons are blowing bubbles in the water and her kicking and me just gliding her through the water.


Thanks :-)

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Mon, 06-07-2004 - 4:44pm


Huge hugs! Sure sounds like your hands are full with toddler and baby on the way. I am not sure if that is normal or not (seems like almost anything can be normal when you are pg). I know that as every woman is different same is every pg. I didn't have m/s at all with my first three pg and i t/u at the office at 19 weeks this time. Going to the bathroom ALOT is definitely NORMAL as for vomiting as far as i know if it is not severe and you are not dehydrated that's not a big problem either. But at the same time you could of get stomach flue or something. Check with your Dr! As for swimming lessons - i can get quite tiring being in

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Mon, 06-07-2004 - 6:11pm
Thank you. I'm trying to reach the Dr now when I find out more I'll let you know.

Your due date is the same day I gave birth to my little girl. I was due July 23 and gave birth July 12 and was in labor for only 6 hours. I wish you all the luck in the world and may your labor be easy.

This time around because of my m/c 4 months ago I'm a little worried but more at ease as each day goes by with no "suprises". I have my ultra sound June 22 at 2:30. I'm so excited not only will I get to hear the heart beat but I'll know my due date and how far a long I am. We are guessing right now at 6 weeks. If that's so I can sigh relief because I m/c at 6 weeks now I'm going on 7. If that's so. I don't know because my cycles were so messed up for 12 weeks prior. I would get my cycle 2 - 3 times in a month because my body was turned upside down. Funny with my daughter I knew to the day I became pg. I still remember.

Thanks for lisenting. Best of luck all my 1st trimester mommy's!



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Mon, 06-07-2004 - 7:41pm

I have relief coming. LOL My dr said I can take kaopektate for my problem. She also said the swimming class is ok too. My hubby is going to pick some up for me. The dr said make sure I drink all my water whcih I haven't in 2 days. I forget. I should have a bottle of water with me always.

Thank you again :-)

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Tue, 06-08-2004 - 11:33am
This is my first time on this board - coming from TTCAM. Just found out I'm pg 6/6, I should be about 5 wks +/-. I was 6 1/2 wks when I m/c in January, so only a little while longer to pass that milestone. I don't go into the dr until 7/16, I'll be so anxious to see if they can hear hb. I am so excited, but somewhat nervous. Although my symptoms this time are very similar to my pg with my son (nausea, acne, swollen bbs, etc.), and I had none of that with my pg that ended in m/c. So that is encouraging. My dh won't get excited until I go to dr, doesn't want to get his hopes up, so I'm kind of in this alone for a little while. (What can I expect, his mother''s response to this pg was "I'm not going to get excited until I actually know your not going to lose this one, too."?) Like I voluntarily lost the last one. Anyway, I am excited and just praying that everything goes okay this time. Hope everyone else out there is having a happy and healthy pg.


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Tue, 06-08-2004 - 11:59am
Hi All!

I just graduated from the TTCAM boards and scared to death. I recognize a few faces here :-)


I got a faint postive on 9DPO! and the lines got progressively darker on 10&11DPO. Yesterday (12DPO) I went in for the Beta. I was so afraid it was gonna be low but the level was 120!

Next Monday I will get another beta and then they will schedule my 1st appt.

Glad to meet y'all!

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Tue, 06-08-2004 - 6:56pm

I've been to this board before but I haven't posted in a while. I'm 10 weeks 3 days today. We already saw the hb at 6.5 weeks so that was a great sign. I have an appointment on Friday to hear the heartbeat for the 1st time and make sure we've hit that 11/12 week milestone. I really hope we hear the hb. I'm pretty nervous about it. I still have pg symptoms though so that keeps me going.


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Wed, 06-09-2004 - 8:52am
Hey ladies...I'm Kristin (as you can see in my signature line) and I am about 8 1/2 weeks pg.

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Wed, 06-09-2004 - 1:38pm

I'm 10 weeks plus now, and starting to get anxious about my first ob appointment next Monday.