It's September Mommy Friday!!!

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It's September Mommy Friday!!!
Fri, 06-11-2004 - 8:00pm
Hi Guys!!!

How was your week? Nothing really new to report on my end except that it is getting HOT in Missouri!!! I have a feeling that if we're not at the pool this summer we are going to be doing everything else in the AC:.) Thankfully the heat hasn't made me swell up like a balloon...I seem to be handling it so far! This is my second September baby so...I should be use to it I guess:.)

How are you guys feeling? Are you feeling the heat yet??? My maternity swimsuit came this week so we're ready to hit the pool on this end.

We are still busy working on the baby's room. Her furniture comes on Monday! We're not quite ready to move the den downstairs so...I have a feeling that the dinning room is going to hold her furniture for a couple of days:.) What's the rush right? What theme are you using in your rooms? We are a Hawaiian/tropical mix:.)

Tomorrow is the day that we lost our baby Aidan last year. He is our little angel watching out for us from up above. I like to think that he is celebrating with my grandparents this year. Our son said that he is growing up big & strong in heaven. We all miss him.

My next appt. is on June 23rd. I have my glucose test that day as well. Did you get your test results yet? I'm sooooo much better now this needles. When I had my son I dreaded all of the blood it's no big deal!

Well, take care everyone! I wish we all lived close to each other...wouldn't that be fun! I do have one friend that is due the week after me. Her first. We are both going to the same hospital so...maybe we'll be in there at the same time:.) My delivery will be scheduled again. Our DS was over 10lbs.!!!


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Sat, 06-12-2004 - 12:37pm
Hi Patty & all other Sept. Mom's,

I'm a bit late posting. Yesterday I didn't get on the computer much after the AM. It's starting to get hot & humid here in Virginia. Luckly I have the ocean right here to go cool off in. For 2 weeks now I've noticed some ankle swelling if I'm on my feet a lot. So, I'm trying to limit how much time I'm in the heat & on my feet. I had bad swelling with my son but not this early! Oh well! I'm feeling really "Big" already. Having a hard time getting comfortable sleeping at night. I woke up really sick to my stomach the other night. I sure hope that doesn't happen again!

I failed my 1 hr glucose test & had to have the 3 hr test this week. I went through this when I was pregnant with my son, so I knew what to expect. I'll get the results at my next OB appt. June 16th. I sure hope I pass it!!

It would be fun if we all lived near each other! A good friend of mine is due 1 day before me. We go to the same OB practice & will be going to the same hospital. It would be neat if we ended up having our babies at the same time!!

Have a Great Weekend!


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