back again and scared

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back again and scared
Sun, 06-20-2004 - 1:49am
HI Ladies,

I was on the board a couple a months ago, but had another m/c. I started taking Clomid and was pg the first month after ttc(we waited one cycle). I am so scared right now. We had opted not to do any bloodwork before 8 weeks because it just gave us false hope. Now I am regretting that decission.

I have been trying to not count days or weeks, but I think I am on week 6 (lmp 5/11). What is bothering me the most is that I have no symptoms. I have been more tired, but no sore bb, no morning sickness. I am drinking more water thus having to pee more frequently (but not as much as I did with the other 2 pgs)I am sleeping thru the night.

I know that I should be thinking posiitvely but I am so scared. I am leaving on a 2 week vacation with my dh and his family (they don't know) I just want to stay home and be close to my dr just in case. (how sad)

My 1st u/s will be on Tues. July 6 and I just am sick thinking that we will see not good things then. With previous m/c I never spotted-they were discovered when I have an u/s.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Sun, 06-20-2004 - 7:39pm


Welcome back and congrats on your Pregnancy.

I am sending a ton of sticky baby vibes.

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