Another one from the TTCAM board...

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Another one from the TTCAM board...
Thu, 06-24-2004 - 9:00pm
I'm coming over from the TTCAM board as well.

I think I am due around Feb 7th or 8th but have to set up an appt first with the doctor to get an official due date. I m/c at 10 weeks (blighted ovum) and I'm just over 7 now, so I'll have to get past that hurdle. I do feel different this time with lots of twinges and I'm starting to get super tired. Didn't have that with my DS, nor with the last pg, but I take it as a good sign.


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Thu, 06-24-2004 - 9:22pm

Congrats again on that BFP. I'm still amazed at your ability to keep away from those evil sticks! I think you should be awarded something for being the TTCAM board's most disciplined POASer. :) Looks like we'll almost be due date buddies. Keep us posted!


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Fri, 06-25-2004 - 11:43am
Congrats Susan!

I felt differently with this pg than with the blighted ovum too. My symptoms were stronger with this one, and I'm SO ridiculously tired. I'm now 12 weeks and so far so good. I'm sure you'll have a H&H pg this time.

Good luck to you,