Can i be pregnant again??

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Can i be pregnant again??
Sat, 06-26-2004 - 3:06am

My name is a new member just wanted to introduce myself and ask a question! Let me bring you up to date. I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first when i lost it on April 8th. My grandfather died the week before which makes me feel like me being stressed out caused the miscarriage :( Anyway, i bled for almost 2 weeks and then on May 22nd got AF for the first time since(that was a bad reminder). And it lasted 5 days which is normal. Now i havent gotten my period this month..and its been like 36 days and i have a 28 day cycle. So i guess what im asking it even possible to get pregnant again so soon after miscarrying??? Not that it would be bad...but i dont know if i can go through all this again so soon...i'd be too scared that im gonna loose it again. I just didnt think that you could get pregnant that soon after one...i thought my body would have to recover..but then again..if i got AF last month i suppose that would be my body recovering huh? Anyway, sorry for rambling! Any advice would be appreciated! thanks

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Sat, 06-26-2004 - 6:23am
It is very possible to get pregnant soon after m/c. A lot of women get pregnant before they even get their first period after a m/c.

I'd definitely test.



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Sat, 06-26-2004 - 7:54pm
Hi -- I'm just lurking tonight too but wanted to give you my answer. Yes, you can get pregnant that fast. Your ovulation date might have been different from normal which could cause AF to be late but there is a good chance that it could be a new pregnancy as well. Have you taken a HPT?

I miscarried on February 18th at 6 weeks. AF visited me on March 16th and then I got my positive pregnancy test in April. I am due in December and am almost 15 weeks right now.


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Mon, 06-28-2004 - 3:35pm
hey there Laura, yes it can happen fast! even after a birth of a baby i.e. ME! I had Nelyn April 7 2004 -he died April 25 of pertussis- and I had one AF (May 28), I'm pg already! Needless to say, WOW!!! We wanted it to happen soon but this is -WOW- very fast!


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Tue, 06-29-2004 - 2:28am

Hi Laura,

Yes, you can get pg again very quickly!

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