September Belly Buddies

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September Belly Buddies
Sat, 06-26-2004 - 11:38am
Hi Everyone!

Sorry I missed checking in last week. Our home computers have been down during the remodeling. It's funny how we are soooo attached to these computers now...I missed my e-mail and the board!

Glad to hear that everyone is doing fine! I guess that I'll update my past two weeks:.) As you already know, June 12th was the anniversary of loosing our little angel Aidan last year. I knew the day would be emotional, but my body had to put a little added twist in there for me too. I think I told you guys that about a month ago I started spotting and freaked out. My OB had me come right in, and we found that I had a cervical polyp which I was told is very common and nothing to worry about. We decided to let it be because I couldn't stand the thought of seeing red blood for a couple of days. Well, I spotted for a couple of days with that incident and then it stopped. I knew that as the baby got bigger I would probably spot again. Guess what morning it started on??!! Yes, of course the 12th! Ugh, seeing it that morning brought back so much of what I didn't want to remember. Well, this time my silly polyp kept on spotting! I had my regular appt. on Wednesday and we took it out, and thankfully I didn't see any red blood following the procedure...yeah!!! I now wish I would have taken it out weeks before:.)

I had my glucose test too. I passed with flying colors with our DS so hopefully all will be well with DD:.) I also had my rhogam shot...lots of needles that day:.) All is well we are measuring right on track. We also scheduled my C-Section!!! Our baby girl will be arriving on September 9th!!! She'll be here before we know it:.) Anybody else with scheduled c-sections??? My DS was scheduled too...He was 10 lbs. 4 ozs! That's why she is scheduled too:.)

Her furniture came since last time I was able to post! Her room's not ready so…it's sitting in our living room in boxes. You should see my house:.) We will hopefully be able to finally move the den furniture to the "new" den downstairs this week! My DH and my dad have been putting every extra hour they have into it. I'm excited about both rooms:.)

This is a crazy weekend for us. My DS had a baseball game last night (we coach). He has his dance recital tonight and his school picnic tomorrow afternoon. Busy times, but fun:.)

Are you planning on picnics and fireworks for next weekend??? We are:.) I just hope the weather will be as beautiful as it has been this week! It has literally been too cold to swim!!! And we live in the Midwest!!!

Have a fantastic week! I missed you guys:.)


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Sat, 06-26-2004 - 12:09pm
Hi Ladies,

I have missed everyone soooo much. We took our computer down two weeks ago and started moving stuff. Our closing on our house was delayed again until last Monday. Well my husband had to leave for his two weeks of National Guard so we had to go get a power of attorney signed. Well our lease was going to be up before he could get back to have us moved so we had to go ahead and move everything to his moms garage and he had to leave. I stayed at my grandmothers over the weekend and then closed on the house on a Monday by myself. My grandmother and my mom and I painted and tore up carpet and moved everything by ourselves. I finally got settled a few days ago. Well I think I really overdid things because then I started spotting on Thurs. I called the dr and they said that if it got any heavier to go to the ER. So I was freaking out. The only good thing is that I think that she was trying to reassure me that things were okay because she has been unusually active. Well after two long weeks my DH finally came home yesterday evening. It was sooo great to see him. My 3 yr old dd just started crying and screaming and would not let any of us near him (not even the dog). She kept saying please dont leave daddy. It was so cute but sad. I guess that is a part of any military family even us guardsmen's. We had a nice relaxing evening and he was amazed at how much stronger these kicks and movements are. We put dd to bed and just layed there marveling at how we now have our own house with our horses in the pasture and a new baby on the way. It is a wonderful feeling. So I hope that everyone else is still doing good. I have missed the birth of a couple of babies and our fri. check ins so the first thing that I did was plug the computer in last night to see the babies. I waited until today to post though. Just wanted everyone to know how crazy my life can be at times.


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