NEW and most likely preg!!

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NEW and most likely preg!!
Mon, 06-28-2004 - 2:37pm
Hi everyone. I'm Alicia and thought I'd start posting here too, after being on Miscarriage Support board. I m/c 11/30/03 at 12 weeks. I tested yesterday and today and both times there is a second faint pink line. Today's was darker than yesterday. I'm sure I'm pregnant, but don't want to get excited until the second line is the same dark pink as the control line. I think I'm in denial because I'm fearful of another m/c and also I don't want to be disappointed and not be preg. AF is about 3-4 days late.

Anyway, how long does it take for both lines to be dark? I have 2 more tests and thought I'd skip testing tomorrow and test on Wed. Am I having a normal reaction to probably being preg again??


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Mon, 06-28-2004 - 11:00pm
Welcome, Alicia! The second line gets darker at different rates for different people. But as we always said on TTCAM, A line is a line is a line! Congrats on your PG! Many (if not all) of us have felt the same way upon getting PG again after a loss.

I hope this is a sticky one for you and we'll all get to know you! H&H 9 months to you!


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