I better introduce myself before the

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I better introduce myself before the
Fri, 07-02-2004 - 10:10am
TTCAM wave gets here! Check out the board... there have been like 6 BFPs in the last couple days!!!

My name is Sissy... I have a 19mo old DS. I had a missed mc with a D&C in early Feb at 9 weeks.

I got a BFP on June 21, 14DPO. My initial bloodwork came back with VERY low progesterone 7.9 and decent HCG 116 at 14dpo. I started prog suppositories and my HCG has gone up

525 at 16dpo

3258 at 21dpo with a prog of 14.5

I had an ultrasound at 21dpo b/c of spotting and it was hard to see. I have a calcified fibroid that was casting a shadow. They got a couple glimpses of a sac and a yolk sac... which measured 4w4d (I was 5w2d by LMP). I think the dates are ok b/c I O'd on CD16 and I am fairly sure I implanted late. However, it still makes me ultra nervous!

I am petrified that this pg will not last. I prayed so hard that the beginning that if everything were not right, I wanted it to end right away. Last weekend I was sure we were losing the baby. I had bright red lt bleeding. I even started wearing the big pads just in case! But Monday's u/s and bloodwork still looked good (although 4 days small from LMP). So I am hoping that was my big heart attack scare and that the fact that this baby is still there means he/she plans to go all the way!

I am seeing an acupuncturist... this was my first month and I got my BFP so I am sticking with it! It is also helpful because she feels my pulses and is able to tell me that I am still pg!

So far my symptoms are just like with my m/c pg. I am nauseas, particularly at night and I get crampy, including lower back pain every evening.

I am so terrified! Time is moving so slowly! I cant stand it! How do you get through this?


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Fri, 07-02-2004 - 10:34am

Congrats again! And I'm so happy to see that big wave of BFPs going again. Glad that things are still progressing along for you-even with a few frightening moments. I have no idea how to get through things-other than by taking them one day at a time. One day I'm freaked out & the next I'm completely fine. Funny how that works. The more I see the baby & the more time that passes the easier it's gotten for me. Hopefully the next time you see the u/s things will look much more babylike & give you reassurance. Wishing you a H&H 9 months.


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Fri, 07-02-2004 - 3:54pm

Funny that you mentioned the acupucture. I got pregnant the 1st month I tried it as well. When I got pg the acupuncturist told me to come in once a week for the 1st 16 weeks to help with the pregnancy. Hard to explain, but I feel so much more protected knowing I am going to see her once a week, and it's helped to pass time, becaue it feels like my apointment pops up before I know it every week.

Good luck getting through this time, keep up posted on your progress!