Sept. Buddha's Are You Out There

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Sept. Buddha's Are You Out There
Tue, 07-06-2004 - 1:53pm
Hey Ladies,

I just want to say that we are not doing a very good job at keeping up with our Friday club. Well I am going to try to keep it going because I love reading the posts from everyone but I also enjoy reading the Sept moms posts. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday. I just love the fireworks and patriotic spirit that comes with it. It is really nice to have that little holiday here in the middle of the summer. So how are you ladies doing with the heat??? So far I have been alright. We have had several extremely hot days so my dd and I packed up and went to the city pool with some girls and moms from her dance class. She has dance camp this week so everyday at 5 we go for an hour and she gets to play/dance with the other girls. Are any of you worried about the new sibling issue with your previous child??? I am a little nervous of how mine is going to react to having a baby here. She is an extremely overbearing only child. I have put her in dance class and playgroups but she seems like she is going to be a handful when it comes to having someone come to live with us. She is extremely jealous of mine and my husbands attention. Even when I am on the phone. She has to do things to distract me from my conversation. She will start talking extremely loud or think of ten questions to ask. Anyways, it should be interesting. The time is going so fast and yet I have so much left to do before this baby comes. How are you doing on the nursery and getting stuff together?? We have most of the stuff we need for the baby but with the moving we are still unpacking and the thought of finishing out another room right now is kind of out of the question. We bought this house knowing that we have to turn a utility room into a nursery. It needs carpet, paint, and a deep freezer taken out. So we are pretty much starting from scratch on it. I am having Braxton Hicks contractions that are so annoying. I actually thought the other day that I was going to be going to the hospital. I had been having the bh contr all day and then before to much longer I checked and had stringy bloody discharge. Well I called the doctor and the nurse asked if the baby was still moving around and how much blood and so forth and didnt seem concerned so I guess I am just paranoid. I thought that it was the plug though. It just seemed like there was too much pressure to not be worried. Well I took her advise and drank some water and put my feet up and they seemed to go away. Is anyone else experiencing these?? Anyways, I am going to get going for now. I have a few things to get done before dance class.


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Tue, 07-06-2004 - 3:31pm
Hi Sept. Mom's!

Carrie- I love the Discussion topic name! Cause I am SO feeling like I have a Buddah Belly! =OP

Things here are going well with me. The heat & humidity are taking a huge toll on me. My ankles are swelling everyday now. (ugh!) I'm also having a lot of BH. Some evenings it really has me concerned....but they always ease off. I have not had any blood in discharge and I really can understand why you freaked out a little.(I would have also) I've noticed I check the TP every time now again. I went into pre-term labor with my son at 33 weeks so, I've been very nervous about that now that I'm entering into week #31. Next week is my next OB appt. and I'm going to ask for my Dr. to check my cervix to help ease my fear. I'm feeling "HUGE" these days. I've gotten 4 new stretch marks so far.(I got real bad stretch marks with my son) I'm actually suprised I don't have more "new" ones cause my stomach feels so large already. I am kinda worried how big I'm gonna be in 2 months! YIKES!! (LOL)

I'm also worried how our(soon to be 4 yr) old son will react to the baby's arrival. Some day's JT want's to talk about the baby & see my tummy. Other day's he doesn't want any parts of talking about the baby or seeing baby items. I just keep telling myself that when the baby arrives he's going to have to get on board. Kids are amazing how they can adapt. (That all sounds good when I type it out...but really I'm very worried!)

We have not started on the nursery yet. JT still sleeps with us. So, his room will be turned back into a nursery.(Our home has 2 bedrooms) A good friend of mine is throwing me a baby shower this month. We found out we are having a Girl so I'll need "girl" things! I'm very excited about the shower. I had posted up in the "3rd trimester update" about the shower theme but I'm not sure if anyone saw it. I just think it's so creative. So, I'll tell you about it quickly (again). The baby shower has a "Survivor" theme. (All my friends & I are big Survivor fans) So, it should be a hoot. I'll attach a link so you can take a peek at the invitation. I just think it's so cute!

Here's a question for all Sept. Mom's. Is anyone else having a lot of pressure? When I stand up I get really bad pressure on my bladder and then when I go it's not very much. I asked my doctor about it and he said it's normal....but I'm just wondering if any of you all are having that also.

Have a great week!


JT: 9-4-00

edd: 9-8-04 (It's a Girl!)

(31 weeks)

p.s. What does everyone think about adding our belly pics to our Friday updates?? =O)

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Tue, 07-06-2004 - 4:33pm
Hi Carrie! I'm still lurking here. Feeling just fine! Nothing really to report. This little one is still waffling back and forth between breech and transverse. Seems to prefer those 2 positions. It is pretty hot here now (90's) but I know the real heat is yet to come (we're in TX). The kids are very excited and anxious for this little one to arrive. I think I've finally convinced our youngest (nearly 3yo) that the baby will come out of my vagina and NOT my butt! We have been reading books (VERY graphic ones) & discussing birth and after seeing the pictures she was certain that the baby would come out my hiney. But I think she finally believes me now and is quite interested in just how this baby will come out.

That's about it! Getting bigger every day, but feeling great! :)

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Wed, 07-07-2004 - 11:52am
Hi Carrie & the rest of the Sept. Bunch too:.)

I agree...I miss our Fridays!!! I started one last week and everyone mainly posted on the 3rd Trimester upsate:.( I have to admit that I thought it was me! "Hormones" The regular trimester updates are nice but a little cold...just the facts. I felt like with our Sept. buddies we were getting to know each other a little more! I love the Boards but having our own little board was even more exciting!!! Let's try and keep it going:.)

This will be my only post for the week because we are headed out of town this weekend. We can't wait!!! We "were" going to Cancun this summer, but I backed out as soon as I found out we were pregnant. My OB said that I could was me that chickened out:.) I just knew that if anything happened I would blame myself for going & the thought of going to a Mexican hospital was out of the question! I teased my OB that I would still go if he and my nurse buddy came along...they said they would:.) Oh well, Cancun can wait! We'll go when DD gets a little bigger. Our DS was bummed that we weren't going at first, but he was so happy when he found out why:.) Our vacation this year will be by car...only 2 hours away. I'll let you know how it goes!

I will be 31 weeks tomorrow!!! My glucose test came back perfect...thank goodness...I crave chocolate with this little girl:.) The results of the polyp tests came back negative was just a polyp. I now wish that we would have taken it out when we first found it because I was sooooooo afraid of removing it and seeing red blood for three days that I decided to just keep it until after DD arrived well...when we removed it at my last appt., I barely even spotted at the office and completely stopped that day! Ugh, I should have done it sooner. Starting to spot on June 12th (the day we lost our angel last year) was something that I could have went without. The good news is now that it's gone I'm spot free:.)

The big news from the appt. is that we scheduled her birthday!!! September 9th at 8:15 a.m.!!! I picked the day:.) She will be exactly one week after her big brother and it will be 9/9 which I thought would be fun. It will be fun if she's born in the 9 o'clock hour too:.)

She's getting big which also means that mommy is getting big:.) I have gained as much this time at 30 weeks that I did the whole pregnancy with our DS! The funny thing is that I FEEL like I've gained less??!! My face is a little fuller and my thighs are too, but overall I don't see all the weight??!! How are you guys doing??? My son was 10 lbs. 4 ozs. and we think this little girls is going to be big too. My husband and I are both tall. I'm 5'10" and he's 6'3" so I guess it's only natural that our children are big too:.) Our son is still off the charts:.)

The nursery is getting closer to being a nursery. I'm actually typing away in our new den:.) My husband really had a work out. He built this room from scratch! Drywall, the works..even laid the carpeting himself...he's such a sweetie!!! Now we can start on DD's room. I have everything but the ceiling fan for her room. We're going to paint this week and then everything can move in:.) It will be nice to have my dining room & living room back...there are boxes everywhere for her! I'll post a picture when we are done:.) If you are making a nursery, please post yours too!!!

I'll post a belly shot if everyone else does too:.) Be prepared for my photo to take up the whole screen...LOL!!!

Can you believe we had come this far???!!! It seems like only yesterday that we were counting each and every day with such hesitation and fear...or at least I was:.) Now we're counting the days for them to arrive! 64 days for us!!! Our DS is soooooooooooo excited, he can't wait! He talks to her all the time and LOVES to feel her kick and move:.) I think that they have already bonded because she moves the most for him! It's almost like they are playing together. He'll ask her to kick and she does:.) They continue their game for as long as he asks her to play...too cute!

Am I the only one that tells their baby to stay away from the cord? I tease her and tell her that I know it looks fun, but don't play with it:.) That seems to be the only fear that I have left which is funny because I don't remember worrying about it with our DS. I guess I haven't given up ALL of my fears then...right?

Does your baby have the hiccups a lot???? This little one does:.) Our DS only had them once in a while, she gets them daily!

Do you have your names picked out???!!! We have had ours all along:.) The only people that know ours are us (DS included) my parents and my OB. I'm so proud of our DS because he has kept the secret no matter how hard people try to get it out of him he just continues to tell them that it is a secret!!!!

Well, I guess that I'll sign off for now! Have a great week!


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Wed, 07-07-2004 - 7:34pm

I didn't know there was a Fridays club for the September ladies. I'd love to join. I also love the name of this post and I would like to post a belly pic. I just got a t-shirt and guess what it says? "Loving my Bhudda Belly!!!" : ) ha ha!

I'm up 20 pounds now but on a 5 ft. girl, I look bigger! Baby is nicely moving for me. He's BIG! I see him in lumps! We went to our first "Child birth prep class" last night. LAMAZE! I have my first baby shower this weekend. It's the "family" shower so we have to drive to Tampa, where we used to live. Hope everyone is well!!! Keep us updated!


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Thu, 07-08-2004 - 1:51pm
I sometimes think that I don't have much to report every week. Seems like same ol' same ol' sometimes.

Anyway, but not this week... I posted about my move back to our house in CT below and about my appt yesterday. So now I'm settling back in and trying to figure out where to put stuff. My SIL and her family are still living here (they were watching our house while we were away) so we have all of their stuff and all of our stuff in one house.

The good news is that I can finally start preparing for this baby. The bad news is that it seems so overwhelming since we've done nothing yet! I did finally break down and buy 2 things for the baby. I bought one of those zipper covers to put over the infant carrier in the winter and a baby blanket. I still hesitate buying anything, I guess I'm still a little afraid of "jinxing" the pregnancy.

I'm a little bit worried about my older DS too. He turned 3 in May. He is getting pretty good about being around other babies (his new cousins) and being gentle but not sure how he'll be once this baby takes up a lot of my time. He's starting to understand a little bit and knows that he will have a baby brother. A couple of times, though, he hit my belly and then said "Baby's crying." He gets upset if I'm on the phone sometimes and says, "Stop talking, Mommy!" when he wants my attention. We'll see...

This little guy has had the hiccups only a few times. I remember my older DS would get them 1-3 times a day, but maybe that was later on. DS #2 still likes to be transverse most of the time. He kicks me at both hip bones at the same time. I'll have to tease him when he's older if he makes my hips wider than they already are! He still doesn't have a name yet, but it will start with a D (like DH's family tradition). We will keep the name a surprise from everyone once we do decide on a name.

I have BH daily it seems. And have been swelling more often. I took my wedding band off today (barely got it off) and am wearing it on a necklace. We'll see if I can get it on again another day. It may be off for the next several months. Sleeping is starting to get more difficult. So hard to flip over from one side to the other side, like trying to flip over a whale--LOL!


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Thu, 07-08-2004 - 2:34pm
C'mon! Sept Mamas show off your Buddha bellies!!!

Here is a link to my belly pics! I look terrible in them, but oh well, I am just horridly unphotogenic.

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Thu, 07-08-2004 - 10:04pm

Here I am at 30 weeks!!!



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Fri, 07-09-2004 - 11:36am
Very cute belly's ladies!!

Here's my belly shot from last week (30 weeks). I was brave & did a bare belly shot. (I'm not liking my stretch marks I got from 1st pregnancy) Hoping this pregnancy I'll get less stretch marks!!


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Fri, 07-09-2004 - 12:50pm

I'm here, I'm here!!! :o)

Working on 32 weeks now, and very excited to have this baby!! Is it wrong to secretly hope for a 38 weeker? hahahaha Healthy of course.. I guess that is all asking too much, huh? :o) Budda doesn't even describe it. I too am only 5ft tall and had gained 16lbs total as of my last appointment a week ago. But I honestly don't know how much more this belly can grow!! hahaha I already feel like I'm going to pop. Legs are starting to get sore and cramp up. My left foot is so much fatter then my right, and I'm having a horrible time with my shoes!!! I don't have stretch marks yet... just little purple spots. Kinda like if you get a nic in your windsheild and you just PRAY that it doesn't start to spread into a full blown crack!!! hahahaha My belly button has all but disappeared though.

Baby kicks me all the time. Stretches out and puts pressure in numerous places at once. I guess I've been having BH.. its hard to tell though. Feel tightening and pressure...I guess that is what BH feel like???

Haven't had a shower yet.. I was thinking it was tomorrow, but my registry is still pretty full. hahaha I know... I'm so nosey. :o) I just have a such a hard time making myself "presentable" anymore, that I want to make sure that I don't look like roadkill when they "surprise" me. LOL Going to the beach for the week, supposedly starting tomorrow, so I don't know when else it would be. hahahaha

Good news is that I slept ALL NIGHT LONG last night for the first time in DAYS!!! I felt soo good this morning!! (of course now I'm starting to fade away) ;o)

Wish I could post my belly pics, but I don't have a home PC, just the one here at work. All of your pics are adorable!!! We really are lucky ladies!!! :o)

Hope everyone has a great week!!! :o)


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Fri, 07-09-2004 - 1:06pm

Hi! Your birthday is one day after mine. I also have a sister in law named Tracy whose birthday is also 12/29! ha ha!!!!