Calling in September Moms

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Calling in September Moms
Sun, 07-18-2004 - 1:04pm
Hello Girls,

It is me again!!! I know that it is not Friday but hey lets get this started. Is anyone else feeling like a swollen tick in the heat??? Oh boy it is starting to get hot. Also I have another gripe while I am standing on my anyone else just getting an unusually large amount of invites to weddings, receptions, reunions....ect. I have already been to five or six weddings this summer and now my husband has a big 10 year state championship football reunion to attend two weeks before my dd. I got three wedding invites this week. I am not complaining because I do love to go to these things but when you are uncomfortable sitting, standing, and alcohol restricted these gala affairs are sometimes a little too much. I am already getting extremely large and I know that the football reunion thing is going to be a big to do. I really am not looking forward to meeting all of my dh's football buddies in that condition. Anyways on a more positive note...we started the baby's room. My dh even suprised me and put up the bassinet in our room. It just reminds me every day that the countdown is on. I went through the totes full of clothes that I had from my dd that still had tags and had only been worn once and separated all the 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 month baby clothes. I figure that this child is already pretty much set for stuff. We have been buying a few new things but all I wanted was a new swing, a bassinet (grandma bought already) and a little dresser. Is anyone else planning on breastfeeding?? I am going to try to do it this time and stick to it. I tried it with my dd but that was when I was a single parent working and going to college. Needless to say it didnt work out like I had planned. This time I am going to try to relax and really put my mind to doing it. I just keep thinking that I am a lot more settled this time. I hope that I can make it. I was just wondering what everyone else was feeling on the subject. With buying this new house we are just a little financially tight so I am going to try to make things meet and formula is expensive!!!! We are finally getting all settled in and the stuff left to put away is all junk with no real place anyways. I figure that we are doing pretty good. The whole nesting thing really has me on my toes getting stuff done though. I keep my dh busy when he gets home from work doing all things that I thought up all day. ahahahahaha. Well I am going to get going for now. This is my last dr appt with my regular doctor on Wed. Now I will start going to my OB every two weeks. Wow that really hits hard.


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Sun, 07-18-2004 - 6:23pm
Hi Sept. Mom's,

I'm hanging in there. I'm still having on & off contractions and taking it super easy. I've notice since I'm off my feet a lot my ankles are not swelling as much. My next appt. is Tuesday and I hope my cervix is still unchanged. Wed. I turn into my 33rd week! Just 3 more weeks till my goal of 36 weeks then I can relax more. Every night I talk to Sarah & tell her she needs to stay put!

My friends threw me a baby shower this afternoon! It was so much fun! I got so many nice things! I can't wait to go back through everything and look at all the cute outfits. =O)

Next thing we will be working on is getting the nursery ready. I have to get my DH to go to our storage unit & get the bassinet, infant carseat & infant clothing. Lots to do!

Have a great week!


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