Recent TTCAM Grads check in here!

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Recent TTCAM Grads check in here!
Sat, 07-24-2004 - 11:45pm
Hi everyone! I hope you all come and join me over here... it would be nice to have some familiar faces! (although I am sure we will also meet some wonderful new friends too!)

Sissy here... I am 9wks tomorrow! not thrilled yet... have an u/s on Tues which is the same time I had "THE" u/s with my m/c at the beginning of Feb. Needless to say, I am petrified! I do not trust any of my symptoms b/c I still felt pg with my m/c even after I knew about it! My symptoms did not go away until after my D&C.

Who's here... how far along? how is it going?


edd 2/28/05


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Sun, 07-25-2004 - 1:15am

Good luck with your u/s on Tuesday. I had mine on Thursday and got to see a heartbeat. I'm just over a week from when I m/c last time so I had been quite nervous about it. For me it was a HUGE relief to get the u/s done and to see the baby kicking and waving at us. Last time I had a blighted ovum so to see the baby moving around was absolutely wonderful and I feel I can now relax a little.

Hopefully more TTCAM grads will start posting here as well. I'm almost 12 weeks so I guess it was time for me to move on to other boards anyways.


edd 2/8/05

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Sun, 07-25-2004 - 2:00am
Hi Sissy,

I'm here too! Good luck with your u/s next week, I'll keep you in my prayers. I too felt pg before I even knew about the m/c at 10.5 weeks. In fact the day before my scan which showed my baby had died at 8 weeks, I felt the sickest I'd felt all pregnancy. As a POAS stick addict, I was still getting those BFPs and so thought everything was okay. Boy was I in for a steep learning curve! Now I don't feel I can trust any pg symptom, but my Dr is very understanding and compassionate and has offered me a scan at 6 weeks just to check. I'm now 4wk 6 d - due about March 29.

Good luck, and good on you for prompting us "Grads" to move over here in the face of recent turmoil at TTCAM!


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Sun, 07-25-2004 - 7:30am
Hi, I'm too a graduate of the TTCAM board. Not very far along. Had u/s last week due to cramping but we weren't able to see anything as it was too early. They found a cyst on my right ovary that was causing the pain. Next u/s is Aug. 2nd. Still very nervous but taking one day at a time. Sticky baby dust to all.

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Sun, 07-25-2004 - 1:35pm

I am also a TTCAM graduate and am 7 weeks today. I have been a nervous wreck the last few weeks. I don't think I'm having enough m/s for this pregnancy to stick but hope I am proved wrong when I finally have an u/s. My doctor will let me have an u/s anytime now. The problem is that I am scared that u/s would hurt a healthy baby when it's so early. I'm just superstitous so don't mind me. :)

I keep having lower back ache and cramping that worries me. I know it could just be my uterus growing. I'm thinking that I will at least go in this week and check my hcg so I know things are still ok.

I hope the rest of you are a little more relaxed than me! SBV's to all!

Rebecca, EDD 3/12/05

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Sun, 07-25-2004 - 3:02pm
Hi again everyone!

I've been hanging out here for a little while already, but it's nice to see the rest of you joining us now!

Im anywhere between 6+6 and 7+2 but I'm going with 7+2 because I prefer that! I think I will be due on March 11th but things are done so differently here in England that I wont get a "dating scan" until the 9wk marker. I am a total wreck. Oh and did I mention I feel like death warmed up 99% of the time! I am totally whacked out, always hungry yet always feeling sick. I spend half my time weeing (peeing!)and when Im not in their weeing im just hanging around to be sick! This is so wonderful!!!!!!!

I have a "booking" in visit with my midwife on August 4th, which I am looking forward to. It will make it more real. I'm nervous about having a scan because my sister had a B/O and that is always in the back of my mind. I will have to wait and see. I thought that my strong symptoms were a good sign, but after reading up on other people, that may not be so!!. So Bec, you are not the only nervous reck here!

Take care ladies, let's hope we all got super sticky ones this time around.


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Sun, 07-25-2004 - 10:29pm

I am here permanently too! I tried to stay but after some more posts about how we should not have tickers etc. if we respond to others and another one about how the name of the board is ttcamc and we are no longer ttc so we should go, I have left and will not be going back. I will be 6 weeks tomorrow and have my first appt. with OB on Wed. He will schedule u/s for 7 weeks at this appointment. I am starting to get tired and have had some mild queasiness. BBs large but no longer sore. This is my fifth pregnancy and I have two girls, 4 and 2.


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Sun, 07-25-2004 - 10:58pm

Im here too.

Baby #5 for me (10,7,3,15 months)

I lost my last one at 8 weeks and felt pregnant all the time, even 3 months after the d.c

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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 8:47am
Hi Everyone!

I am a new Grad from the TTCAM board but like others, I am not going to post over there due to the flaring tempers.

I m/c on 1/15/04 (at 16 weeks, baby measured 13 weeks) and am blessed to now be 5 weeks 6 days. I have my first u/s on Wednesday to confirm that everything is ok. Due to having a m/c early in the second trimester I believe I will be a nervous wreck until the baby is actually born.

Happy to be here and congrats to everyone.

Laura C.



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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 9:04am
Hi everyone,

I had my m/c on 5/20 at 9 weeks. I am now 5wks and 1 day with and EDD of 3/27/05. I am on progestrone this time around and just yesterday had some brown and pink spotting (very light but enough to bother me). I have 2 DD (5 and just about 3). Sticky baby vibes to us all.


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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 9:04am
Well, I guess I'm not a "recent" TTCAM grad (got my BFP in early March), but I wanted to pop in and say hi to all of you who've joined us in the last few weeks!!! Welcome and congratulations!! Being pg after a loss is a huge jumble of emotions, as I'm sure you know, and this board is wonderfully supportive of all questions and concerns you might have.

Wishing you all happy and healthy pgs!!!


Finally pg with #1!

EDD 11/11/04 (it's a girl!)

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