Did y'all forget about me?

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Did y'all forget about me?
Sun, 07-25-2004 - 6:36pm
Sorry I have been MIA. Work has been kicking my butt and I still have m/s pretty bad. Plus, the due date of my twins just passed and that alone sent me under a rock.

I have been trying to lurk the best I can, but I can tell from the new names that I have tons of catching up to do.

Hi and welcome to the newbies!

To the ones that were here when I was... I am SOOO glad to still see you here!!

And to the new babies in our group -- welcome our little miracles. You have no idea how wanted you are!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programs!

I promise to be around more!

Jodi and Bud

EDD 11/26/04

~i~ 2/25/03

id. twin boys ~i~ 12/8/03

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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 3:21pm

Hi! I wanted to say Thank you for the welcome. We had some um ..."disturbance".. on the ttcam board regarding the grads so now we've flooded to your board. LOL

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Mon, 07-26-2004 - 4:26pm

Hi Jodi!

I remember you *smile. How are you doing? How was your summer so far? Sorry your work keeps you to busy, hope you can stop working and have some rest time before that little one is due. Do you know if it is girl or boy? Looking forward to see more updates on you and i am in lurk mode myself.BTW i saw your reply to one of my posts (probably a months ago LoL) and was soooo glad you are still around, but never got to post to you.

Take care, hugs and belly rubs

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Tue, 07-27-2004 - 8:51am
glad to see you back. so happy that you are still doing well. sorry about the M/S.


Krista and Gabriel