TTCAM grads...

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TTCAM grads...
Tue, 07-27-2004 - 2:22pm
I am glad to see you guys here. When I lost the twins, we had an uprising on that board too about TTCing again. A bunch of the girls left and ended up starting a Yahoo board.

I think emotions are just too harsh over there.

But we are glad to have you here!!!

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Tue, 07-27-2004 - 2:37pm

Welcome to the board, congratulations on your new pregnancies and SBV by the ton!

It was very long time since i graduated from TTCAM and i even graduated from this board now too (wink) but i wanted to wish you all H&H nine months and bouncy baby at the end of the journey. This board was my lifeline for scary months of PAL and i hope everyone of you will find it as supportive and helpful as i did. Pregnancy after loss is very scary and nervous experience and all wonderful ladies here know and understand that.

Wishing everybody on this board H&H nine months, sticky babies and all the best.


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Thu, 07-29-2004 - 12:42pm
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I was hesitant to come over here for fear that I might jinx it if I admit "I'M PREGNANT", but seeing the success stories and knowing there are other expecting moms with the same fears has made me very comfortable.

Perhaps someday I'll be brave enough to venture over to the EC for Feb2005. Right now though, one tiny step at a time for me.