New and Nervous

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New and Nervous
Tue, 07-27-2004 - 5:14pm
Hi I am new here. I had a m/c in April (at 7 wks...although I didn't find out until 10wks) and just found out I am pregnant again last Friday. I am trying not to be consumed with the "what-if" for this pregnancy. I am trying to enjoy it and think postive thoughts...but it is difficult because like all of you know I just get freaked out at the slightest thing.

Anyway, I have my first dr. appt. next week and hope to get some questions answered, but until then I thought I might ask a few questions to this group to help calm myself (I will start a new post in the "questions & concerns" and area).

Thanks for listening,



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Wed, 07-28-2004 - 10:55am


Welcome and congratulations!!


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Wed, 07-28-2004 - 2:30pm

Thanks for your support and congratulations to you too! It makes me feel less crazy knowing that others are having the same feelings as I am.

I will keep you posted.



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Wed, 08-04-2004 - 12:21pm

I m/c in March at 8 weeks and am PG again. I'm 7 weeks and going for my first doctor visit today. I've been truly optimistic up until yesterday when I realized I am getting close to 8 weeks and I noticed that I feel perfectly fine, no pg symptoms at all. It's crazy, I feel great, yet it makes me worry that something awful has happened! I'd rather have the symptoms as it would make me think the baby is growing. Hopefully today they will hear the heartbeat and I can put my paranoia to rest. I keep telling myself that many people have successful pregnancies after a miscarriage.

Keeping my fingers crossed till week 12,


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Thu, 08-05-2004 - 12:13pm

Congrats! The best advice I've gotten is from another woman on these boards who said that you can't let the past rob you of the joy you should experience during this pg. I have tried to keep that in mind & move forward with things in a positive manner. Sometimes it's easier than others-but luckily there are some amazing women around to help us through the tough times. Welcome to the board!


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