2nd Trimester Roll Call

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2nd Trimester Roll Call
Fri, 08-06-2004 - 7:07pm
Who's here?
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Sun, 08-08-2004 - 4:27pm
Hi, I'm Jill. I'm due December 2nd with Grace, our first!!

I feel pretty good lately, some feet and hand swelling, some acid reflux, and LOTS of cravings for chocolate and sugar!

Jill and Grace
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Mon, 08-09-2004 - 12:57am
Hi Ladies,

I guess I fit in the 2nd trimester now. I am beginning my 13th week. We hada wonderful u/s on Friday. I am feeling good. My clothes are starting to get a little too tight. I have put slacks away that are too uncomfortable. My dr. won't see me now for a month--it was every 2 wks. Do you know where I could rent a doppler. He adviced against it because finding the h/b is tough sometimes and then causes unnessary worry, but.... I think I might feel better from now until Sept. 10 if I can hear the baby.

Glad to be here,


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Mon, 08-09-2004 - 10:40am

I'm here!

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Mon, 08-09-2004 - 12:51pm
I'm officially in my 2nd trimester now according to everything. I'm now 14w1d & finally getting my energy back! Yeah!!! It has been really hard for me to be so inactive. But this weekend I finally had energy to do lots of little things around the house that had been neglected for a while & even helped DH in the yard some. I got some sad news about work today-but trying to keep my chin up about it. (A big project that we were hoping to get is not going to happen for us anymore-so nothing serious-just disappointing.) It was a little cooler this weekend & I wanted to wear pants to dinner on Saturday night & couldn't find any that fit. (Wore some old jeans with a rubber band through the loop) Then had the same issue yesterday trying to go to church. I guess I'm going to have to break down soon & buy some maternity clothes. I was hoping to make it through the summer without it-but unless I can go everywhere in soccer shorts it's not going to happen. (Luckily I work at home & can wear soccer shorts all day!) :)

Belly Rubs!


#1 EDD 2/6

PS I have another u/s tomorrow & am excited to see Baby Pea again & see if the little funny feelings I've been having in my belly are movements or just my imagination.

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Mon, 08-09-2004 - 1:07pm
I am 21 weeks. I can't believe how fast this is going and that Aug is already here. All is going well. My next doctor's appointment is 8/26 and I also have an ultrasound that day before I see the doctor. I just keep praying that all will go well and no problems of any sort.


EDD 12/18

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Mon, 08-09-2004 - 1:19pm
I guess I can be a member of this group now, I am 14 weeks and 2 days, I had an ultrasound last Thursday and everything looks great, we go in for another visit on August 12th then I have another Level 2 ultrasound on September 8th, Just praying everything stays in place.
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Tue, 08-10-2004 - 9:47am

Hi there,

My name is Rhonda.



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Tue, 08-10-2004 - 11:10am
I'm here at 22 weeks 3 days I never thought I would make it this far. I'm feeling pretty good, but still very tired everyday. My little boy is such a kicker and puncher and over all mover. He never holds still it seems like I hope he sleeps once he is born. My biggest complaint would have to be not being able to take any medicine. I have been suffering from headaches and alergies and would desperatly love to take something that works tylenol and sudafed are worthless. Other than that I feel pretty good. I have gained more wait that I would have like to at this point but that's ok (21 pounds). I hope all other 2nd trimester mom's are doing well.


EDD 12/12/04

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Wed, 08-11-2004 - 12:59pm
I am 21 weeks and 4 days. Everything is going well. Found out 2 weesk ago we are having a boy and he sure moves and kicks a lot. I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks and I see the doctor following that appointment. I just keep praying each day that all goes well till the end.


EDD 12/18

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Thu, 08-12-2004 - 9:43am

I am 21 weeks and 4 days and am feeling really good right now. I am feeling the baby move all the time and am wondering if it ever sleeps : ) My dh felt it for the first time the other night. It's so nice to be able to share the experience with him. We have decided to be surprised and not to find out what it is, although I have feeling it is a boy.

I wish all of you the best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancies!


EDD 12/19