Are you arguing circ with dh?

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Are you arguing circ with dh?
Sat, 08-14-2004 - 2:00pm
Here is a great article written by a man to help the woman understand why circumcision is so important to them.

The silly thing is, it's so basic we really should have seen this ourselves, doesn't mean I wasn't LOL while reading it!

So if you're having a boy & debating circ, this might be a great article to read --- EVEN BETTER TO READ --- before discussing it with your dh/so.

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Sat, 08-14-2004 - 2:29pm
What a great article!! Before our 1st DS was born, our Dr. asked DH & I what had we considered about circumcision? We asked her to give us some information, pros & cons, etc... She explained that it is not routine practice anymore and while most of DH's peers would have been circumcised when he was growing up, the boy who is circumcised (in Canada anyway) now, would be the "odd man out" in the locker room. Then she continued on to say that if we did decide to have it done at birth, MSI (the NS health care system) does not cover it, and we would have to pay $150, yet if it turned out that it became "medically necessary" later on, it is covered. DH said to her, "Well, that makes my mind up right there!!" And neither one of our sons had the procedure done... :)


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