stopping progesterone

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stopping progesterone
Mon, 08-16-2004 - 10:32am
Many of the 1st tri moms are nervous to stop taking progesterone. I finished mine last Thursday (at 9w6d) and on Saturday and Sunday I had quite a bit of discharge, mucus type, mostly clear, but a little bit of a greenish tint one time.

Just was wondering if any of you 2nd tri moms have any words of advice for us 1st tri moms or could tell me if what I am experiencing is normal or should I call my doc?



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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 9:44pm
Hey Shannon!

My doctor had me take progesterone through my 12th week, and stopping was the hardest thing I ever did. I actually took it for a few extra days just to be on the safe side. I'm 21 weeks pregnant now, so it seems to have worked well! If you have concerns, ask your doctor. As far as the discharge is concerned, welcome to pregnancy! With all of my pregnancies I've had discharge like that, but you might want to have them check you for infection (just because it's greenish), but mine has always had a slight green tint off and on with no infection.

Now don't freak out, but I would call your doctor tomorrow morning and ask why they stopped your progesterone so soon. From what I've been told, the normal length is 12 weeks because that's the point that your placenta assumes production of natural progesterone.

Conratulations on that new little pumkin!