When does nesting start-if ever?

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When does nesting start-if ever?
Mon, 08-16-2004 - 12:05pm
DH jokingly asked me a while ago when my nesting instinct would kick in & just thought I'd ask to see if anyone ever expereienced it & about when did it start? I have NO desire to clean my house-especially after the nurse told me not to vacuum because it aggrivates the round ligament pain I have been having. I have all of my energy back-but only want to go shopping for baby stuff (but not buying anything so I can keep going back to look at more), or take the dogs for a hike. Not clean my kitchen or put things away. Luckily my parents came to visit so I had to clean before they got here. But since then I've been a slob again. Just wondering when this might change. :)

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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 1:01pm
Mine kicked in about four weeks ago, and has been uncontrollable ever since. Clearly, everything I need to do is DONE, but I'm still struck with these overwhelming urges to GET READY in some undefinable way.

But in the second trimester? No, I never felt that way.

I also had pretty nasty round ligament pain for a few months. Swimming helps a lot-- do you have the opportunity to do that? The water holds up the weight of your uterus and gives your poor aching ligaments a break. In the water was the only place I felt NORMAL. And it still works now that I'm enormous, even though the ligament pain is gone.

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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 2:16pm
Unfortunately I never nested with my first and I went 41 weeks. Luckily grandma had the house spic and span clean by the time we got home from the hospital. This time around, I am hoping the cooler weather (DS was born in June) will make me feel more comfortable and I can get 'something' done around the house.


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Mon, 08-16-2004 - 6:54pm
I also went 41w with my last & never got it. But I believe it is normally one of the FINAL signs of labor. For example....

My sister on Saturday night called my mom at 2AM because she was out of caserole & other type of dishes. She had a kitchen full of food that she had already parepared, but needed to put them in something so she could freeze them. She DEMANDED my mother come over immediately with all her own pans. Her water broke the following day.

Now, I think normally it's not this quick. I think you USUALLY get it 2-3w before actual labor. I think part of my problem my body was not getting ready for labor. My water broke before my body was ready, I had just barely dialated to a 1 on my EDD .... most women are that at least a month before labor.

So, it's not like you're going to be cleaning the last 3-6 mos of pg.

I myself can barely motivate myself to get anything done at this point. (The heat doesn't help much either.)

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Tue, 08-17-2004 - 5:40pm

I am getting the urge to clean everything--every where I look there are things to do and clean, but when I get up to actually do them I'm too tired and too hot and give up. I keep hoping nesting will kick in and I won't care how hot and tired I am!

I have a lot of home rennovation projects I want done before the baby comes, too. *sigh* some days I feel like it will never all be done in time.


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