Anyone not feel pg yet?

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Anyone not feel pg yet?
Mon, 08-16-2004 - 2:26pm
As I sit here reading and posting to the boards I can feel peanut (I'm getting some flutters), however I do not feel pg if that makes any sense. I don't know if I need to have a big belly so it sinks in that I'm really pg. Just wondering if anyone else is feeling this way. Not sure if it is due to the m/c and I'm in denial somedays or what.



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Tue, 08-17-2004 - 11:57am

Thank you for your post. I was just talking to my Dh about this. I feel like I am in limbo. I am 14 weeks and starting to stick out a little more. (Accordding to a friend I look like I am 16 wks --not helpful)I haven't felt any movement yet and so I just feel blahh.

I wish I could hear the h/b, get an other u/s anything to feel more pg. I also am feeling like it is not really happening. I can't wait for that to change.

Hang in there,


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Tue, 08-17-2004 - 5:16pm

I just wanted to let you know what I'm finding. I thought this baby & pregnancy had seemed really real to me-but after starting to tell some friends on the phone and in person it has seemed MUCH more wonderful to me. I don't know why-but all of a sudden this is feeling really different in a great way. I ran into our realtor in the grocery store today & told her almost immediately & she was very happy for us. (She was there with her 4 month old daughter) Fun to get to talk about it. I think when I was keeping it a secret from everyone that it just maybe didn't seem so real. Now that I can tell everyone it's been much easier for me. So-maybe once you start telling friends & other family about it it will seem a little more real for you too.

Belly rubs!


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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 9:18am
well i would feel pg but my doc keep changeing my due date it was janaury 28 05 thay changed it too feburary 10 05 so now i am kinda stuck in limbo i hear the baby heartbeat very clearly but some time i just dont feel pg and some days i do i got my slip for my triplescreen and on it says 16 weeks 8/17/04 but with the feburary due date i am like 14 weeks soo witch is it? so i feel pg when i got to my apts and when i come home i feel like im not becaue that cant give me a right due date talk about confussing someone..:(