update !

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update !
Thu, 08-19-2004 - 9:35am
i got my net back friday, but right after that i ended up in the hospitle after takeing a small trip too the store i start throwing up real bad and could not stop so m and dh got worryed and went too the hospitle after i started going numb it was like haveing a stroke i felt pretty bad so the er doc checks me and sticks a iv in my hand and says that i was was dehidrated ok and that i had a migrain i was like well i feel like crap and stuff thay gave me something too keep me from throwing up. the bad thing is it burn my vains in my arm i started screaming in pain the nurses was like it is ok it will sting ya it did turned my arm black and blue and its never gone away yet...but anyways thay called one of my hubbys friends mothers in too check the babe she was like no way and we were like yep it took her a half hour too find the babys heartbeat the babe was moveing faster then she could find it she turns and looks at me and says stuberen chid you got! i chucked and then she found it the babys heartbeat was 130 strong so i was happy too know everything was ok after a long day in the er but even more happy too come back home knowing nothing was wrong this time

but anyways it cool to be reading posts again i missed it and not haveing net!

my next ob apt is 9/2/04 at 1:20 i should find out when my next u/s is i hope



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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 12:07pm
Wow! Sounds like quite a wild ride. Hope you're feeling much better now. Dehydration can do some funky things to a body & then toss a migraine on top of it & I'm sure it's no fun. Glad they were able to find the baby's heartbeat & all was good there. Glad you're back.

Belly rubs!


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