What is too early for a Shower?

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What is too early for a Shower?
Thu, 08-19-2004 - 10:46am
Hey Ladies,

My mom is wanting to have a shower for us next month, I will just 6 months. The reason for this is b/c we live about 2.5 hours away and she is scared that my Dr. won't let me travel after a certain period of time. He had said at my last visit he wanted me to start "chilling out" around 6 months.

So do you all think it would be too early to throw a shower?



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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 12:01pm

There was a big discussion about this on the Feb EC. (Yeah-we're a little early-but the topic was pretty big for a while.) Basically I'd say that most people said that there is no such thing as too early-just whatever is best for you & your family/friends. Some of the Feb mommies are planning on doing them in October because of the holidays or because of other travel issues. So they will only be 5 months at that point & everyone else said they think that's fine. I told my mom that I want to wait until after the baby is born so that s/he can be the center of attention & not me. (I'm not very good at girly things.) Not sure if that's the best idea-but since I don't want to be traveling while 8 months pregnant over the continental divide in January that's what we're doing. HTH

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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 3:50pm
Whatever works out best for your family is what you should do. I don't think it's too early at all. My first baby shower they waited until I was about to pop. I was swolen and huge and I think I would have preferred to be able to look back on pictures of the pregnancy where I looked like I was actually enjoying myself. (I did of course), but really the earlier you do it and get it out of the way the better. You'll have gifts to account for and that gives you some extra time to plan for needed things.

Have lots and lots of fun!

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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 4:56pm

I'm due Dec. 1st and my shower is in September. It was the only time that my family/friends could host. I think it's just fine. I am a big planner so I'll be happy to have things taken care of well in advance so I can set them up, put them together, wash clothes, etc.



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Fri, 08-20-2004 - 11:56am
I was barely 6 mos when I had mine in my 1st pg. I had recently moved to another state & wanted to be home near the holiday & feared I would not be able to travel during my 3rd trimester. So I made my visit the 1st weekend of Dec (when our family has our traditional

'Christmas craft day'), but was greeted with a baby shower on the day of my arrival.

I LOVED having it that early. I had not shopped for one item yet. I had no idea what to buy or what I would get at a shower. By having the shower that early I knew exactly what I had & what I still needed. So by the time I came home I was able to start shopping which helped make the pg feel more real.

I HATED I was barely showing at the time, I popped a few days later, but oh well. Nobody questioned, everyone had advice (such as how to live through the first few days of nursing - not advice on how to raise), I received hand-me-downs on top of all the new gifts, it was delightful.

NO REGRETS HAVING MY SHOWER AT 6 MOS!!! I really wish I could have another one! Just to help me realize this pg is real too. Again, I haven't done any shopping & 3rd trimester is knocking on my door.

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