Olympic Pea

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Olympic Pea
Thu, 08-19-2004 - 12:21pm
Last night I was tired & told DH I was going to bed early & would not be able to stay up to watch the end of the Olympics. So about 9:30 I climbed into bed-but turned on the TV just to watch a little bit more. Next thing I know I've been sucked in to watching to see how the men's gymnastics turns out. I see Paul Hamm have a kick a$$ high bar routine & when they tell us he's won I let out a little yell of joy & tell DH how exciting that is for the USA to finally win a gold in the all-around. Next thing I know Baby Pea is doing flips or something inside me. I've felt little movements before that I thought were the baby-but this definatly was the baby moving. Very exciting! I can't even explain the feeling (DH was annoyed with me for not being able to tell him what I felt.) So I've decided that either Pea was trying to tell me that s/he wants to be in the Olympics or that s/he was already asleep & mad at me for waking a sleeping baby after being in bed for over an hour. Either way I was thrilled with it! :)

Belly rubs!


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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 12:43pm

Hi Laura,

That is the sweetest thing ever!