Why isnt this kid moving????

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Why isnt this kid moving????
Fri, 08-20-2004 - 1:42pm
I dont understand, last week he would move like crazy but for the past couple of days he doesnt want to move at all. The only time I get anything is if I squish him by sitting almost doubled all the way over. Some people have told me its normal but it still makes me nervous. I have a doppler at home so I used it last night and found his heart beat (not mine or placenta) really low. Then he moved and I found it again, really low but on the other side. But I didnt feel him move. Its driving me crazy!!!!

Oh and I cant eat candy and give him a sugar rush because Im diabetic adn the sugar is too much for me too. What should I do? Does this sound normal? Any advice would be appreciated. Oh I plan to call my OB on monday if he is still being a lazy baby by then. Someone told me that maybe hes going through a growth spurt, could this be possible?

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Fri, 08-20-2004 - 2:30pm

i am from the firsttrimester section but I have a Daughter so I can give you a few tips. What I used to do to make her move is go into a crowded place like a mall where loud chatter or even music was playing and she used to wake up then and move around. Then at times i used to go for a drive and suddenly halt..she would move then too. Sometimes they are just lazy and mine would not move for a whole day specially as she was growing bigger.

Also i know that she used to enjoy me rocking myself and when I would stop Iused to at times get a kick.

The noise treatement usually worked for me. Maybe you could try that.

Good Luck


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Fri, 08-20-2004 - 3:03pm

I had just gone through this. My baby was moving so well my mom was able to feel her ... then basically nothing except tiny - barely noticeable - movements once or twice a day. I think it started on a Wed & I finally gave myself until the following Monday to call the OB & that Sunday night she woke up. To make things worse I also started to have a lot of BH at the same time!

My ds moved constantly except for one week while I went to visit my family. When I returned the moment he heard daddy's voice he started dancing around again. I had GD with him so I understand the no sugar.

Here are some things I did in 1st pg:

Daddy talking to belly

Half a sandwich with a cup of milk


So far this is what has worked this time:

A tall glass of ICE-COLD water


I like the cold water, that one is much quicker than any of my results so far.

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Fri, 08-20-2004 - 5:02pm
I had concerns earlier in my pregnancy when I didn't feel the baby was moving around enough, and my Dr. reassured me by saying that you shouldn't worry about inconsistant movements until after 26 weeks. Until that point, they can still get themselves turned around and be kicking at your back, etc. where you're less likely to feel them. Hope that helps a little...


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Fri, 08-20-2004 - 6:40pm
I think it's definitely possible for a growth spurt to be happening. Something very similar happened to me (I'm 25 weeks), where she was moving all the time, but then stopped for over a day. All I felt were 2 tiny tiny bubbles in over 24 hours. I called the doctor, and he said not to worry until after 26 weeks, when movement should be more regular. He said even if you feel 1 tiny movement per day until then, it's okay. But I noticed when I felt her moving again, that my stomach was bigger, because my belly button is slightly pushed out now. So I definitely think growth spurts have to do with moving - my mom told me that even as a baby, or toddler, I slept a lot when I went through a growth spurt.

I play her music at night, putting headphones on my stomach, and that gets her going. I can actually see the headphones jumping off my stomach (not sure if that means she's happy dancing or wants the music to stop! of course, it's lullabye music, I'm not playing heavy metal or anything!)

So good luck with the movements. I'm actually having a slow day today myself (or she is, I should say, I've been moving fine!)


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Sat, 08-21-2004 - 12:07am
I just went to the doctor for an "emergency" hb check because I was freaking out too. I have been feeling movement for a few weeks, then went 4 days without any. They said since the baby is still little, all they have to do is get into a new position and you can stop feeling all movement for a while. All was fine with me and I'm sure it is with you too.


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Tue, 08-24-2004 - 12:27pm
Try not to worry, but definitely call your doctor. I just had the exact same experience this weekend. I wasn't too worried, but as soon as I called my doctor, she sent me to the hospital ASAP. I totally panicked, of course, (too much like the drive to the hospital with my m/c) but as soon as we got there, they sent us up to labor and delivery and hooked me up to the monitor. My little girl's heartbeat rang out loud and true. We could hear her moving around, too, but I just couldn't feel it. The nurse thinks that she was just squished down real low, with her back facing out, so all her movements were against my not-so-sensitive innards, that's why I wasn't feeling it. I drank two glasses of cold water and we checked her on the monitor for 2 hours and she was just fine, and I started to feel her again. i think the cold water shocked her into changing position. Then they did an ultrasound to check the amount of fluid and her size. SO, while the evening started out terrifying, it really was for the best beucase now i know that she's really okay in there, her heartbeat is strong, and her size and amount of amniotic fluid are just what they should be. Trust me, the peace of mind is well worth the initial stress of having to run like heck to the hospital. So call your doctor, I'm sure everything will be fine! And, even if they do find something wrong, (which i sincerely hope they don't), it's important that you get that immediate medical care so they can help you and your baby in every way they have available. So call, okay? And let us know what happens. I'm definitely thinking of you!!


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Tue, 08-24-2004 - 10:03pm
Oh gosh, i forgot to post my update!!!

Ok, so I called my doc the way home from work the day i first posted and they didnt give damnt and told me that movements would be really inconsistent until abotu 27 weeks and not to worry. That pissed me off. So I called my mom whos an er doc and she told me that if i was really worried then she would take me to her work and do and US for me. She told me first to try something a little sweet (like milk) or something caffeinated. I did neither instead I went and took care of the craving i was having. I went and ate chili peppers! Hot ones! And 20 minutes later grapenut was moving like crazy - i think he was mad at me, but hey, it worked. Ive been feeling him consistently since then. Thanks aldies for all your help and advice! Oh and try chili peppers! :o)