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Sat, 08-21-2004 - 12:33am

I just saw your other post regarding your 'emergency' hb check. I was about to post a similar question as I haven't felt movement for 4 days and am getting a bit concerned. I'm only 16 weeks however. I've been through this before and know better, but this time around, I'm fine for a week or two, then freak out for a few days (I'm in the freak out stage right now. LOL!). Did your doctor say how long you could go without feeling movement at this stage? I've been trying everything to try to get the baby to move from poking my stomach, drinking cold water, having something sweet etc. and still nothing.




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Sat, 08-21-2004 - 10:31pm
Hi Susan,

It was actually my nurse prac. who I saw, not my Dr. but she did not mention when to start worrying about not feeling movement. I think it isn't until your 3rd trimester though. I am at 19 1/2 weeks and barely feel anything. She was not worried at all when I talked to her on the phone because she said I was still early on. She gave me the hb check for my reassurance, not because she was concerned at all. I still have other symptoms, so that keeps me sane (usually). It just sucks that this time around is full of stress and worry rather then confidence and excitement. Just have faith I guess.

Best of luck,

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Tue, 08-24-2004 - 10:06pm

i posted the original why isnt my kid moving post. I tried chili peppers, which i love and he went crazy moving abotu 20 minutes after i ate them. If you can handle hot stuff try that. Oh and my doc said that you shoudlnt worry about movement until 27 weeks. 16 weeks is waaaaaay early. I hope this helps.