5 more months of pg torture!!!

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5 more months of pg torture!!!
Wed, 09-01-2004 - 5:43pm
So now that school has started the back to school stuff at the grocery store has been replaced with Halloween candy. (I LOVE the candy pumpkins & candy corn!) As soon as they take them away they'll start with the Christmas candy & from right after Christmas until my EDD I will be surrouneded by Valentines Candy!!! Ahhhhh! I'm gunna gain 200 lbs with this baby. Anyone else worried about the candy jumping into their carts as they walk by? Ahhhhh!

Big belly rubs!


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Wed, 09-01-2004 - 6:45pm
I have to agree completely on this one. My problem is on top of that the krispy kreme raspberry jelly filled donuts.luv um. Man I wish I had some of anything right now.


edd 3/27/05

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Fri, 09-03-2004 - 8:35am
i eat everything with this babt and guess what i lost 10 lbs lol i mean i eat like a walking pig anything and everything i was thrown yesterday when thay said ilost all the poundage then thay ask are you vomiting at all i was like no my mouth is the black hole i eat like a pig.. no matter how fating the food no matter how much junk food i eat i still loss waight i want too put on pounds for this baby and with all the food still cant do it

umm candyyyy drools


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