20w u/s

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20w u/s
Wed, 08-11-2010 - 4:08pm
We had the big u/s today, and it went well. I was a little nervous when she took the photos to a perinatologist (not a radiologist) and she got sent back to take more photos of the brain, but they said everything was fine. No one said anything about my cervix length, so I assume that it's fine and I can relax about the IC issue. I forgot to ask how much the baby weighed.
We think we managed to stay team green. She told us not to look if we didn't want to know so she could get the foot measurements, but DH and I both looked. I know, we're bad, but we couldn't look away from the baby for 1 second! We both thought we saw a glimpse of boy parts, but it was so fast we weren't sure. I've been thinking that it's a boy for some time now (I refer to the baby as a he all the time!) so our 'glimpse' doesn't really change anything. In the photos I have I can see the umbilical chord, so that might have been what we were looking at (but DH doesn't think so). I attached a pic of the baby sucking it's thumb!
Anyhow, I'm very happy and the nursery is still going to be green, just in case little Cassius is actually a Juno!
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Wed, 08-11-2010 - 10:58pm

HOORAY for a great u/s and a nice happy, healthy, wiggly little baby!

Funny, they didnt give us weight or size estimates either. I had to wait until the report came back, and had the midwife read it to me.

We are on Team Green also. I know what you mean though, I didnt want to look away from the u/s screen either.... but they didnt get anywhere near the genital area, so there really wasnt much to see or to guess at. DH kept accusing me of peeking though!




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Thu, 08-12-2010 - 6:16pm

I'm glad to hear your u/s went well! So exciting to get to see the LO.


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Thu, 08-12-2010 - 6:27pm
Congratulations on a great ultrasound! Isn't it so much fun to see something that actually looks human in there, wiggling all over the place? Good that you were able to stay green too, since that's what you wanted. I'm very glad that everything went well!

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