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These WILL make navigating this new format easier.

1.If you like the outline but don't like losing the back button, the refresh button, is how to get a BOARD OUTLINE in a normal browser window. Click on any post, for example Jodi's post "Just post away....." and change message to outline in the url This will open a board outline in a normal browser wiindow.

2.To get a SINGLE POST OUTLINE...Click on any post, for example Jodi's post "Just post away....." Only this time change message to outline in the url and change msg to tid in the url This will give you an outline of JUST that post (similar to what we saw in the old format


check your BOARD at the top of the page. When the formats changed our preferences went bye-bye which means unless you change it your preferences are set so you can receive email offers from iVillage and its sponsors.

As the board grows and grows (remember, NO ARCHIVING) the use of the SHOW ME window will become more and more important. Since this is an active board, probably the show one day will be the best setting.

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I am a puter dork, and am confused by your helpful hint of how to get the outline format in a normal browser window....can ya try to explain it like I am a first grader? *Even though most first graders know more than I do about how to navigate computers =0)*

Thank you so much...I'm gonna take your post over to TTCAL6+ to help all my sistas there out with our confusion!


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here's some more tips I found wandering around today:

Here's a quick resource for all of us as we start to learn how to use the Message Boards on Parents Place. I know change is sometimes a hard thing to have to work with, especially when all of us have more important things to worry about….like our FAMILIES!! LOL Hopefully I can help make this transition as easy as possible!

Logging in:

It is a good idea to log in even if you are just lurking or reading! Logging in allows you too see what messages are NEW from the last time you visited. You can log in by clicking on Log in next to the small welcome at the top of the page

It also allows you to switch to other boards that you've designated as "favorites". You can make a board your favorite by clicking on the “Add this board to my favorites” link, which you will find next to the title of the board. NOTE: You will only see this option if you are logged in! If you're logged in, you will see in the upper left corner of the screen "Welcome (your username)".

You will also see links for "your profile" and for "favorite boards". Click on "favorite boards" and it'll show you the boards you've saved. This feature really comes in handy if you're using a different computer than you normally use (since you don't have to rely on your browser bookmarks).

The "show me" feature (on the right side of each folder sub-section) allows you to re-visit posts you have read recently. Just click on the down arrow and select what you would like to see.

Outline View:

Outline View allows you to see the whole board in a view that was similar to our old boards. To change the view to outline view, click on OUTLINE VIEW at the top of the screen in the beige box (under the find box). It will open a separate window with an outline of the board for you.

While in this view, you can use CTRL+F to open a find box. This will allow you to search for words in the posts.

Notice that the outline view is for the entire board, not for one discussion. Here is a trick you can use to just show one discussion. Click on the discussion you are interested in and you will see the address or URL in your address bar at the top of the screen.


If you change the word message to outline and change the msg to tid, you will now see just this discussion in outline view. Try it! It is a little lengthy, but hopefully we will have a button added to do this for us!

Your new URL or address should look like this:


To make it easier to find discussions that you want to refer back to, bookmark them. If you'd like to keep your browser "favorites" cleaned up, create a special folder just for bookmarked discussions. Delete them when you are no longer interested.

Each post is numbered in the URL (even though we don't see the number on the board). If you know the number of a thread, you can simply change the number in the URL to jump right to it.

Where is My Old Profile??

Use this link to go to your old profile, just make sure you replace username with YOUR REAL USERNAME!

How do I create my new profile?

Once you are logged in, you will see the words “your profile” listed at the top of the page next to your name. Click on this link to create your profile. Its pretty easy to create your profile, the one new feature is that the profile is broken down into three parts:

WHO I AM (everyone will see)

WHAT I LIKE (you can decide to show everyone or just friends)

MORE ABOUT ME (you can decide to show everyone or just friends)

To make someone your friend, when you open a post from them, you will notice an option on the left side that says “ADD TO FRIEND LIST”. Click on this to add them to your list. If you set the options for the profiles to show certain things to only friends, only those people on your friend list will be able to see that portion.

Is it just me or do the folders and messages keep changing their order?

LOL…the messages can move up or down depending on if people post responses to them. All new posts appear at the top of the folder (and that folder also moves to the top of the board). For example, if you post a new discussion under BOARD BUSINESS, the Board Business folder will move to the top of the screen.

Can I see just today’s messages?

YES, if you notice next to the folder names (ex: Roll Call) you will see a drop down menu that currently says SHOW ME and the word ALL is in the box. Click on the drop down arrow and select either TODAY or whatever you are looking for.

How do I start a new Post?

Decide which folder you would like to post under and click on START A NEW DISCUSSION.

How do I reply to a post?

When you open a post and want to comment or reply, just click on the REPLY button. Notice that if you scroll down the window where you are typing your reply, you can see the original post!

OOPS! I typed something wrong or I want to rephrase my post. Can I do that?

YES, as long as you are logged in, open the post that you would like to change and click on EDIT in the colored box on the right hand side. Now you can edit your message and save the changes.

Can we create more folders?

The CL’s can ask to have new folders added to the board. The CL’s would need to notify the moderators and let them know which ones should be added.

BTW: A folder is actually each of the main headings. Like ROLL CALL, GENERAL DISCUSSIONS, etc.

How can I tell QUICKLY if there are new messages on boards I visit?

If you have added the board to your favorites (see # 1 above) or if you have visited a board while logged in, you can click on FAVORITE BOARDS at the top of the page and it opens a new window listing favorites and recently visited pages. If you leave this window open (you can minimize it), you can return to it quickly. While looking at the list, click on F5 and it will refresh the screen for you and show you how many new messages there are since the last time you visited the board!

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Thanks Heather....I have some tips, but I am *supposed* to be teaching so can only get on during breaks....
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Ok hon...the best thing I can tell you is look carefully at the two urls...there are slight differences in them. If you change the urls to match the second in each set...the outline will open in a normal browser window. If this is still me at and I will try again!
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OMG THANK YOU!!! I was about to give up on the boards till I saw this tip!!!! This makes it SO much easier!!!! :o) Cindy (yes who still lurks!!)