pssst....JODI =0)..................

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pssst....JODI =0)..................
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 8:12pm
Just wanted to drop you a line to let ya know I'm thinkin of ya during this transition period with the must be tough to be the only CL and try to find the time to figure this all out...

I think ya should just copy some of the TTCAL6+ folders too...Robin and Rebecca had some good ideas...although we do have a weight loss folder--you guys don't need that here =0)

Roll call is gonna be tricky here...I like the idea of starting a new discussion under Roll Call for each month--that's a great way to keep all the sistas bonded with their EDD buds...we can be sure to add a grad thread and OF COURSE a lurker/hopeful thread as well. Appts/Updates folder would be great here too...I'm tryin to think of one we don't have at TTCAL6+ that you would need here...

Hang in there sweetie--once you get the folders requested and figured out I bet things will calm down and seem to fall into place!

Love ya and lurkin away ready to support ya....Heather

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 12:10pm
Thanks Heather! I appreciate it soo much! I'm trying to keep on top of this, so hopefully everyone adjusts soon.

Thanks for thinking of me.. I'm thinking of you, hope your IUI was successful

We've got a seat here waiting :)