Remembering my first baby - EDD 08/14/03

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Remembering my first baby - EDD 08/14/03
Thu, 08-14-2003 - 10:53am
today is the EDD of my first baby. hard to believe that i might have had a little one to hold in my arms at this very moment. it makes me sad to know that i never got to see or hold my first baby. it gives me comfort to know that my baby is safe in the arms of Jesus and one day i will see my baby. it's sad that my baby was taken from me in feb/03 but on the other hand, if i wouldn't have lost my first baby, i wouldn't have been pregnant with this new little miracle growing inside me right now. i praise God for His unending blessings. His timing is always perfect and all i can do is keep trusting Him with this new little one. thanks for letting me share my tears with you...



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