I lost my angel 4 Months ago today.

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I lost my angel 4 Months ago today.
Wed, 11-19-2003 - 9:35am
Hi, This feeling is so hard to explain. I know I am PG again and that I have passed the point where I lost my first angel. and things do feel different this time. more symptoms and and US and HCG results. But I can't stop worrying and I cant stop aching for my first PG. I have a friend who got PG after me the first time and she is now 18W I would be almost 25 Weeks now. I find myself avoiding her. This new baby is being overshadowed with doubt and fear I miss being excited and anticipating the birth but now I just look forward to the milestones intsead of the EDD. I miss my innocence. I know I am rambling.

I just wanted to acknowledge my angel and let them know that I will never forget them and they are forever in my heart.


Krista and Gabriel