Angel's due date approaching quickly....

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Angel's due date approaching quickly....
Wed, 01-21-2004 - 11:48am
My angel was due to be born next week - Jan 28. I thank God that He is so good and that I am carrying a beautiful, healthy little boy, EDD Apr 23. I can only imagine how hard it would be to approach this time without such a blessing to come. It truly is so healing for me to be pregnant again, to be expecting this miracle, and I am really at peace with losing our angel. I know God has a plan, and though I'm not exactly sure why He does the things He does, I trust that He knows best. But I can't help thinking about how I should be going into labour at any time with my January baby....

I hadn't really been thinking about the approaching day until yesterday when I visited a friend in the hopital with her week old newborn. When I thought about it before going, I was worried it might be very emotional for me to see her baby and think of my angel. But it was a wonderful visit, and I was just so happy for her, and so excited about our little Alex, that it was all very wonderful. God is so good!!!

Best of luck to all of you and God bless!


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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 2:18pm

The 19th of everymonth doesnt' go by without me thinking of my Angel. But I agree having a new baby on the way is a blessing although it doesn't replace my Angel. it doesn't give me a special warmth to help me through the difficult times.

HUGS to you.


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Wed, 01-21-2004 - 9:47pm
Lighting a candle for your sweet little angel baby. I'm glad that you are comforted by the fact that you are carrying a beautiful healthy baby boy. My angel baby's EDD is April 26. I know that that will be a hard time but I think that it *will* be easier to handle since I'm carrying a new life in me. I'm glad that you were not saddened and reminded too much of your loss because of your friend's newborn baby.


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Sat, 01-24-2004 - 12:17am

Thinking of you and your little angel....congratulations on your baby boy on the way. I had such a hard time with my first m/c, but once my son was born I told myself "If I hadn't lost that one I wouldn't have my perfect little boy." I cannot imagine my life without him and I would go through that pain all over again to have him in my life. I wish you peace in your heart as your angel's due date approaches. I don't think you ever stop thinking of them, but it does get easier. I take great comfort in knowing that one day we will all be together again. A friend of mine gave me a book after my m/c that I have since passed along to someone else, but I think it was called "I'll hold you in heaven." I don't remember the author, but I remember it gave me a lot of comfort. I know that one day I will have ALL of my babies in my arms.

Hugs to you,


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Mon, 01-26-2004 - 6:34pm
Thanks everyone for your replies! Anna - I have bought the book you're talking about and it certainly was a comfort!

Jan 28 is coming up in 2 days, and I think I'll be alright. We have our first prenatal class tomorrow and the hospital tour on Thurs, so at least I'll be busy. I'm sure I'll be doing lots of thinking of what might have been. But then, this little angel growing inside of me never would have been, so I'll be counting my blessings too...

Hugs and best of luck to all of you!