I can't STOP thinking about ~Rose~...

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I can't STOP thinking about ~Rose~...
Fri, 02-13-2004 - 7:12pm
I've never tried to forget her....touching the urn with her ashes has been a morning ritual for me since we brought it home. But these days, if I am not consciously thinking about something else, if I let my mind wander, when I "wake up" I find it was Rose I was thinking about. It's not even always a bad thing....I may find myself teary-eyed, but somehow feeling like she truly is watching over me and her siblings, including the "bean". It's just when I remember things about pregnancy, the first flutters of kicks and stuff, it's not Tori's kicks I'm thinking of, it's the flutters I felt the three days before my induction with Rose. I'm sorry if this brings everyone down....just don't know where else to say it....heaven forbid I mention Rose these days in front of DH...he starts in with asking what's wrong with this pregnancy in a breathless, panicked voice...and I have no patience to reassure him now (mean of me, I know, but I can't help it). It has gotten so bad with him though, that I won't let him come to genetic counselor with me next week...he's only going to hear the bad things or assume we are the "1" in 1/200.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

((((((hugs)))))) to all,


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Sat, 02-14-2004 - 9:55pm
Dawn, I'm so so sorry you lost your precious Rose. I'm sure that it will take a lot of time to heal your heart. I'm not sure what to say. But I wanted to offer lots of hugs and say that we will remember Rose with you.



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Fri, 03-19-2004 - 6:38pm
I've been thinking about you Dawn!

Could you please email me?????


Remembering ROSE with you!


Gina (PALP - remember me?)